Race Love


Every grain of sand fallen,

Is an eternity.

Sand better off lost. No matter the pitfalls.

Intolerance… Produced as a result of the tone set by one’s skin.

At times… Ferocity towards this subject is exuded by our kin.

Yet, they dare never utter the word


Blood is made up of water, so what is more important?

Complexion is a problem.

Love reigns regardless.

These souls bonded together because of a promise.

A promise, to remain true and never wander into the outer edges of doubt.

To never let judgment be clouded by word of mouth.

Above all, these spirits form a union unconditional while getting lost in the sands whirling in the back.

This union, eleven minutes of beauty as everything fades to BLACK.



This is beautiful, and interracial dating is beautiful.

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