The Girl The Stole My... Him

She has hair that falls over her shoulders in straight caramel colored strands.
She has blue eyes that are perfect pictures of the ocean .
She is a good 4 inches taller than me and looks great in everything.
And she has you

I have brown curly hair that stops at my shoulders.
I have dirt colored eyes that always seem to be sad.
I am short and I'm a little rounded at my edges.
And I don't have you...
I never really did but in my mind…
I thought I had a chance .

If you put me next to her it's easy to see the difference...
But if you were to ask me why I was different I wouldn't tell you.
Instead I would rip open my skull to give you my brain.
I would find the nearest computer and plug it in so you could see how I see you.

My mind would play what it always does...
You smiling in class cause I said something funny.
It would focus on that smile...
How when you aren't expecting to use it, your smile is slightly lopsided in the best way.
It would focus on your eyes...
How they sparkle when that one old country song comes on.
How they were glossy when you broke up with her the first time.

My memories of you would play...
Like the time you were crying and I swear I looked at you every 5 seconds
Just to make sure you were still there.
If you would have asked me what that class was about I wouldn't have been able to tell you.
The memories of helping you with your homework would pop up.
If you would have asked me to help you everyday I would have and I still will.

So if you asked what was so different about me I would tell you “nothing”.
If you asked me how I'm different than her did say “I don't know”.
We are both people and I don't know how she thinks
But I hope she thinks of you like I think of you

She might be the girl that stole my… him
But I'm the girl that never had him.

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