Let the Sky Hear It

I wish I had the words
To make you fall in love with me.
But you are
So much more than I deserve.

I’m terrified of
Scaring you away…
Please don’t leave.

Seeing a picture
Of you can make me smile
When I want to cry,
And actually hearing from
You makes me light up.

Your smile radiates love
And hope.
You are someone that I admire
And want to emulate.

I want to scream at the sky
And tell it all the reasons
Why I think you’re perfect.

You are the kindest human being
I’ve ever had the pleasure to come
In contact with.
You love God and your family
And put them above all else.
You believe in magic.
You are passionate about what you do.
You are handsome.
You have hands that
Can create whole new worlds,
That are strong enough to
Fight for what you believe in,
And to hold those things
With the most gentle of touches.
You are funny,
But never at anyone’s expense.
You are playful and
You aren’t really a grown-up.
Not really.
And I don’t think you ever will be…

You know the difference between
Lust and love.
You respect women.
You appreciate all people
And can see
So much light in this
World that I once thought black as pitch.

The anticipation for your reply
Is why I keep going.
You give me something to look forward to.
I do not know your imperfections,
So to me -
You are perfect.
But I want to know them.
I want to know what makes you happy
And sad
And excited
And worried
And human.
You are everything I’ve ever
Imagined my
Happily ever after to be.
In short -

You are marvelous



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