There was something so possessing

About the woman that was a curse, dressed as a blessing

When he and she began connecting

He realized she was so compelling

Her thoughts were so perplexing

Her mind was so refreshing

But she was obsessed with rejecting

She fiddled with the love of a broken man

To the point where he no longer gave a damn

About the attention that she yearned for

Because his heart had burned more

Savagely attack by the one he held dearest

She got in his brain and found out what his fear is

Then took that fear and kept it to the nearest

Area, that he lay in hoping he saw it the clearest

So his mood then changed, he became reckless

Talked about other females to get her jealous

But somewhere deep inside she was so precious

He was just trying to get his fair share of vengeance

See her inner side was so horrendous

That it consumed her appearance

So his perseverance

Was changed to disappearance

As he cut out his heart and left the spot empty

He realized that what he was doing was petty

See he had been doing it strictly out of envy

But realized he had to grow up at almost twenty

Although she made his life so, so, messy

He would dust it all off for another frenzy



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