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While the sky held her hands  Her eyes as bold bells I heard An ocean enough to drown deep to be found a herd.   While care is lost in the seas
God give me the serenity I do not deserve. A luxury bought with the blood of those who came before me. Give me the peace that comes from a privilege I did nothing to earn. And tell me I am loved
wrestling with evilwear complete suit of armor~ conquer with courage.rescued from onslaughtlies and misinformation~ loins girded with truth.safeguarding our heartsresisting the evil day
He whose kingdom is . . . not of our world; He prays! God issued forth Him from Mary. From His terminal anguish,
May we be clear. May we dwell in the house of wellness.
*BELIEVING* _Stick unto God and believe in yourself. *It'd be bright after the dark.* There most be a black *time dark starry night before an open heaven* of a brighter sunny day._
Only He can see what goes on when my door is closed. 
LIFE DID BE BEAUTIFUL Life will be beautiful and after you've done what's needed to make it that way.
The Children wake up in the morning, Go to the bathroom, Look at their faces in the mirror, Brush their teeth, Take a quick shower, Put on their clothes, And hastily make their beds .
It has been a long time since we last saw each other, But the picture of you is still in my memory. My darling, please continue to wait patiently for me. I must endure one more year in captivity,
Prayer is powerful; for it is direct communication with your Creator, your Creator who knows you inside and out.  The Word is your weapon; for it fights off the lies and accusations of the enemy.
and to think for a minute that your corpse will bid you farewell– it’s a tragedy for some, but a mercy unto others.i can only pray that the taste of my death will be sweet,
The sky is a green stagnant swamp. The marching thunder approaches, More rapidly with every peal. Dawns light tries to infiltrate, But it is muted by the oppression , Of the vault of steel clad clouds.
Last night the breeze sang a lullaby. This dawn it screamed in howls. The distant rumbling approaches, Unlike the peaceful quiet of last night. The wind is lifting swirls of leaves.
spinning spinning round and round nowhere noone slows it down hands outstretched tryingtheir best i grasp and i claw my mind knows no rest it is like the world is muted spinning spinning round and round
I need you my father when i rise, prepare my heart for your path today as i walk, hold my hand so i don't stumble shake me, when i fool myself that i can march on my own  forgive me, when i cry out in remorse
    Dear God,  I need a word, can you hear me?If I write these words do you think        they will ever feel me?I can't relate to love, I think it fears me.
If a man gained the whole world, but lost his soul;Where would he be?Would he be lost, crossed from The Book forforever & eternity?Or would God grant him the chance to repent &reverse his destiny?Free from  being forced to travel in dark -
There is a memory I have lost Yet, I would have created it Beautifully. My words scare myself. My mind is A horrible mess. Can't let anyone in. They'll regret it. But,
No child should die in the dawn of life, They as bright and shining as early morning, Their just-beginning story, that first word, paragraph, chapter
I prayed to Atë For life But she did not take that well Because there is no easy way for me to be punished for that She cannot give me life and my own downfall
How I long for a love as pure as day, with kisses so sweet to dance the night away. A love so full of adventures, my heart will skip a beat, so fresh and new, never to repeat. 
Dear God,I don’t understand my purpose,I don’t even know what’s destined for me, I don’t know why you have given me this life,But can you help me understand?Can you lead me down a path,Regardless of trials or tribulations,To become the woman I’m s
I was once a young man at 18 Who decided to leave you see To a place unknown And a language lone That's where I decided to be   I was called to L.A. So I flew right away
I ripped my heart from my chest, as I am apt to do; "Do you believe in God?" Does "God" believe in you? I wasn't raised a Catholic, but I know Baptists,
    May my compassion for each and every being I meet be limitless and sincere May my wisdom transcend all defilements and confusion  Buddha is my true nature, may I always be mindful of this 
Teeth came in, screaming came out As a child finding my voice came with fees Every chance I got to fight I would shout My mother made me get down on my knees  
Lord A prayer for the man I love He's so messed up Yes A prayer because I'm at a loss He's cheated enough Say A prayer for me from your heart In satan's snare he's caught And me
Pray for the One   Good deeds are acts of prayer To the light, our vanguard. This is the time when Acts of love are needed To fortify the One of which We all are,
Read it out loud, and listen how stupid you sound Eternally cursed, because a snake that could converse Because of an apple off a tree, how gullible can you be?
Read it out loud, and listen how stupid you sound Eternally cursed, because a snake that could converse Because of an apple off a tree, how gullible can you be?
post suicide-attempt words stopped making sense depression taking hold anxiety uncontrolled mind plagued by disease  only one offer of ease prayer disguesed as poetry to set my mind free
for lives lost at the end of a gun and those wounded at the hands of a bullet   i pray for your peace but more importantly  i pray for your justice   
Lord, give me pain. Let me feel every tear that wells up in my eyes, Every moment my heart is shredded to pieces, Lord. Give me pain and give me torment, Let my soul wrench for the poor and for the needy,
Thank thee, Lord, for living. Thank thee, Lord, for death. Thank thee for the ashy air  That fills my bony chest.   Thank thee for misfortune, It took me by surprise,
I want to spend time with my daughterI think of her all day longHer blonde hair, her lovely laughterRead her a book? Sing a song?Daydreaming about her development…Proud that she is increasingly intelligent!
I’m praying for a troubled girl,who wishes for a change.Everyday she feels different,everyday she feels strange.
dear anxious self, when your brain cannot stop thinking and your heart beats in object terror at things only the mind’s eye sees - breathe.  
This is our last chance to grieve Dear Lord, I was only thirteen The host of trepidation freshly forgot, You coerced forgiveness from fester and rot  
May the tired souls of the restless and stressed be pitied and blessed, May the lost souls of the faithless find comfort and solace, May the children of this world be guided towards edification,
I've never seen you But I guess that doesn't mean you're not there It's just that people don't really have a clue I mean about you They use you to scare    They say they preach your name 
An old Jewish folktale says that words are feathers set loose in the wind; once free, you can never take them back. I had forgotten that story. But my words are poison ivy rather than feathers.
Because I love you I will uplift you everyday Because I love you You will  throw any negative connotations about yourself away You are beYOUtiful Yes in your own way. Friends are your soulmates too.
Oh leagality? Is there a solution to The problems?
Lord, thank You for this day that I get to breathe to laugh to love to.. live what more can I say?   Can I love You for the moments when I fell apart broken torn done
Holy God, Sovereign, Faithful, Righteous and True I pray everyday that I may be reduced Death to the flesh, alive in You This is hard to do
  I listen to the Lord, every single night I bow my head and pray to you oh Lord. I wish to be closer to you God. Like my garden angel, that hugs me so warmly.  
I've lost a lot of emotion My mind's been so unfocused   These past days   have been all commotion I just feel so broken   I can hardly walk or move a muscle
Loving God,  teach me to be silent,so that I can stay close to youand listen as you speakwithin my heart and through what I see, hear and what men Speak. 
Dear Lord help me see, In you I find a way to breathe. Lord help me to know, Beyond a doubt I'm not alone. Savior help me to feel, That your love for me is real. Savior help me to hear,
when my family gets here I'm gonna call you back when my family gets here I will play with Elmo and watch frozen  play hide and seek and tag down the hallway sing songs and watch their eyes
Her words can hold rhythm with the way your heart beats Her mouth spews promises I wish she could keep Theres whole galaxies in her head But she's afraid to leave the earth They say God is in the cosmos
abortion  abandoned  kid, don't you know what you've done?  why, why, why?  don't you want to be a mom? maybe it wasn't your choice, no maybe it was God's  rape did not take your voice
Angel in the gardenI see your golden wingssense the sweetness of your gazeas it envelopes me todayNight has clearly left usthe stars and moon set downthe sun has cllimved her ladder
I felt soutterlydefeated.Nothing is goingmy way.Nothing is goinghow I wanted it to.I feelso lostand broken.
Can you hear me now, As I call through the cloud The memories of the year that has past? The memories of joy The memories of tears The memories of death The memories of life  
there's been another tragedy, tragedy It's happened on the news, it's happened on social media, but people have refused have refused to help, have refused to believe, that things are happening and it's not meant to be,
Dear God, I want to say thank you. Thank you for being here for me when nobody else was. Thank you for protecting me even when I was doing wrong Thank you for being my provider when I needed something 
If there was a way To live day by day With joys and no pain With sunshine and few rains If there was a girl Who I would call my dear Smiles, bringing back memories Of today, with few worries
In the name of your Son,whom you sent long ago In whom i have let go let go of this world This world, and its woes
My neighbor's wife is battling cancer and she needs your prayers.Please show her that you want her to get better please show that you care.Her name is Jane Webb and she's undergoing chemotherapy.
As I lay down to sleep, I know The Lord loves His sheep. I am lucky to have the previlege to be awake, I know my birth was not a mistake. You see, angels watch me through the night,
I read a pamphlet that asked if religion is dying, it's almost dead.Religion may be gone forever in just a couple of decades ahead.Religion is important to me because it's what America needs.
Your will alone, and none of my own.Whether healing or loss, I look to the cross.All You have planned, I may not understand,But I still trust in You, for that's all I can do. Since You know it all, on my knees I will fall.Every night, every day, I
I am a poet. My pen is my sword The ancestors and God fuel my every word Flowing out of this trident is ink from the depths of the ocean
This day in age, it always seems The world is bursting at its seams. Brothers dying, Mothers crying, The most bloodshed that heaven's seen. Rapes and bombings everyday..
thing is im weak so I fall to my knees I beg to you God please oh please help me  I need your strength to help fight this painyou are my light that guides the night I beg to you God please oh please help me  give me wisdom give me peace walk w/ me
When the raging battle seeks to steal my joy, My tears trickle down my face. That's when I like to employ, My unbeatable fighting Ace.   I lay down the Truth, Let the lies flee.
Woke up this morning sweating Laying in a wet spot The heat must be on high Cause this house is freakin hot   I look out the window The sky is dark and grey I drank a lot last night
All I need is my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to be with me for he gives me life and brings me peace.
God you got my soul. When I drowned and fell through water that shattered. All the broken peices that fell off of me. Like a puzzle peice. Instantly binded. You glued all the peices back inside of me.
Faith   The unparalleled charter of an Island life can take you by storm. The waves crashing against the shores to reassure that they are your only call. No people, No love, No trust
See the thing about God is... People You, me, he, she, I, they, we... People love to forget their own purpose. Love to live in the bliss or ignorance,
I plod along pristine sidewalks in this utopian town, craving the crisp crunch  of leaves under my sneakers, but they’ve all been swept away
Lord, my God take these words from quivering lips as worship hear my cry   take these tears from searching eyes
Tiny bald head smothered with faint peachy fuzz, wrinkled clenched eyelids hiding deep blue orbs, unopened fists punch at the sky,
Even though the shattered mirrors reflect a broken person scattered and young,
I have these feelings trapped inside that cannot be put into words.
God I don't know how to pray I do'nt know what to do I don't know what I believe But I know I want to believe in you Please help me to believe Reveal yourself to me Show me
Dear God, As you end this day tonight, Please give me time to reflect, my light.  Let me fix on my blessing and delights. Thank you for them, my ever shining knight.  
 Your birthday's on the clock is teasing me Should I have let you leave? Come back if you care God please lead me to where I need to be I trust that you or who will be with me   
O God O God I can't stop the tears Your voice O PLEASE! I strain my ears
When I close my eyes,
Who care's he snarls,  All alone with your face in the corner nowhere to run, My World's ice'd over covered in snow,  Then I hear a vioce it say's I care, Jesus Christ you heard my prayer's,
Dear heavenly Father, I bow my head today to ask for your forgiveness for the sins I've done today. I admit that I've shown envy and I've used your name in vain. I have ridiculed my peers
I said in a prayer, Thank you God, for lending me your most innocent and patient creation, a short lived friend, whom left an impact on my life, he brought me nothing but joy on the saddest of days,
A fear that cannot be tamed An evil that cannot be forsaken A scream that cannot be heard   These are the demons Who haunt us every day Who taunt the sanctity of salvation
Oh Life, give me God! Oh God, give me life! And whatever else your capable of from high up above.   The God who made the notion of love. The God who turned a plain white bird
Today's a new day God let me have this morning Noon, nectar, nocturne.
Sitting alone on the grass late one night Admiring the starry sky shining so bright I could not help but be in awe of my God Who created the heavens and man out of sod
Bottled Prayers 
1.  As the sun peaked through the shutter like an unwanted mister
1.  As the sun peaked through the shutter like an unwanted mister The trees sang their song in a wonderful whisper.
Dear God, I don’t want to be bother, But I was wondering if we could talk again, You know, daughter to Father
My words are more than just ink on paperThey are a prayerA silent chronicle of my life through my eyesMore than just simple sighs they areWishes and dreams
Why do we wake up? Humans are evil . Humans are dumb. Humans can think yes. But only of what suits them best. Humans walk beside the rest of us. Forgetting they are the rest of us
The Path
A Prayer   Thank you Lord, For darkness and light, Thank you Lord, For giving me sight.
To all of those who have no lives
To acknowledge we're something, to oppose the murder of consciousness, to bend knee toward the last exhalations of fields of lukewarm corpses shouting the symphony of remorse;
You taught me something great
Theres days when I fall and can't get back up  only to find a solution for me finding my balance again 
I prayed that I was dreaming When I saw that big wave The water was not normal But as dark as a cave It was full of weird greens and reds and blacks
Seeing with the eyes is only a sense, Seeing with the heart is a gift, Seeing with the soul is an annointing.   When you walk, however, You walk by faith, Not by sight.  
I’ve never been able to bow my head long enough to pray Too consumed by the urge to peek I’ve always been more concerned with what was going on around me –
My heart races as he walks by I am nervous, I hope he does not say Hi He caught me watching him carrying his tray. Yes, he is looking my way He is praying before his meal
My mind is exhausted, but I choose not to sleep. I just keep repeating words in my head, knowing I'm indebted to a man with nail-pierced hands And my time-span is spread-thin
At night when I bow my knees And come to You in prayer, A gentle calm surrounds me As I leave my burdens there.
Lord I pray
What do I do whenOpening my mouth to voiceTo carefully shape what I think are words of beauty to Your ears,I am flung roughly asideAnd, raising my headI find myself as aggravating background noise
Mind over matter But what really matters Controlling your mind or leaving the matter to the master
Dear God, I heard you're up there But I don't know you like I should, cuz it’s felt like you’re not here. And now you’re showing me what love's supposed to be,
So suddenly it pulls me down. It makes me feel like no one's around.
Chest concaving, Every ounce of blood burning. Vision blurred, eyes engulfed. Sadness I had never known. Your soul had left its vessel, How was I last to know?  
  God, he’s not happy, he’s wearing a frown –
Put down the knife Let down your hair Abandon those thoughts You're no longer there   I was there Watching from above Answering your prayers Sending my love  
Dear Lord, And then the thought vanishes Like ink words never written on a page. The words that fall like glistening coins from my lips Lack backing in a truer currency.
Puffy eyes; sleep deprived.
At school the other day, I was asked not to pray. It rocked me and shocked me. What could I say? I am but a student that is meant to obey. But did they have the right to ask me not to pray?  
Please; deliver  us  from  these  disreputable  men  in  Washington....who have  forgotten  the  history  at  Concord  &  Lexington. Oh  Lord, in  Christs
Being the Real Meby Hannah Powell Being the real me,In a world full of wannabes,Is so much harder than everyoneAlways told me it would be.
It's just another day, still hanging by a thread. When I open my eyes, to see a pillow and a bed.Where I lay my head, I think to myself thank god I'm still alive and not found dead.
Invoke in us the Power of Love! Time! The precious essence flows, As a river drying in the drought,   Who knows? What is birth,
Time passes by Is it already October? The school year goes on and on And I'm trying not to get left behind.   I work hard to finish the work, to have time for games and floor bonding.
Wait Blue Beloved, I want to tell you, let’s snuggle forever, and stay with me in bed sweetheartTimes will seem too hard to bear and I will feel like life is giving up on me
The Misled Queen “Ayo bitchass” is the way she would greet me as she walked into the locker room Her hair glistened from the shadow of the sun smiling at the ocean at sundown; Rapunzel could not touch her. 
the lord is my shepherd i shall not want in verdent green pastures, he gives me repose before restful waters , he leads me he refreshes my soul he guides me in right path for his name sakes
Silent yet too powerful to overcomeWe can only feel it when it’s too lateSomething we can’t cure, it can hurt anyoneThe victim’s pains will only escalate
I know God listens, but what of them? They hear my rhymeless poetry prayer Gratitude, Hope, Joy, Peace- Laid as a naked newborn I know God listens, but what of them? They hear without thought or compassion
You know when you sit long enough somewhere And your mind begins to wander It wanders to the darkest depths of despair You feel about life and its never ending twists and turns.
Are you real? Are you honestly here for me? Always by my side? Forever my shepherd guide?   My mom tells me to pray,
  half-way through the drumroll night glass crackling, down  a spinal cord wrapped around his hands his words   shoved down her throat, puncturing her veins still she remains - 
Universal puppeteer, sink low to leveled eyes;
Church a place, where you Draw close to the creator. Church a place where you go to get you too eternal. Church a place where you hear the sound of the beautiful drums. Those spares, That piano,
I don't hate. I'm not a bigot. I can only speak the truth. If/when people read this You need to know: Please look. I judge no one, I love Only as Christ loved me. Yet I am human alas!
Ten I tell you of your sin Nine The anguish of your Eyes Eight Its the thing God hates Seven That No good girls go to Heaven Six Because no good girls exist. Five
I love the way the pages crinkle Crackle when I flip them over. The thin feel of oinion skin (are they really?) So smooth I sometimes run the pads of my fingers Down the page.
Father give me the humble things Take away my pride For I am Your child Lord And a part of Your Bride. And pride has no place here. Give me no duty that would exalt me high No poem for people to view me by
Lord grant me all the humble things The silly little humble things, The things that no one else will see And no one else will do. Give me the least of these And help, I humbly beg please
Oh Gentle Whisper Your child weeps for his hope has died His sky falls An unheralded fate upon his shoulders Inveigled by his desires To sacrifice the little bit of freedom he has left
I have nothing else outside of thee, This is obvious with everyone I go down on both knees. Crying out for some help through this trouble and pain, Wishing that there was a way to make my heart whole again.
Pray for the souls lost. Casualties of life's meandering way. Let your love rush in and rescue them. A love that wipes away sin and tears. That comforts and saves us from our fears.
God grant me the serenity To accept the things I cannot change The courage to change the things I can And the wisdom to know the difference...
Angels, as it is said, are here to protect, To save us from pain, suffering and neglect. My angels are here, on earth, across the sea, Fighting for my country, for you and for me.
There was a man, like you and me, who born at birth could not see. His clothes were worn, his hair a mess, laid on the dirt when time to rest. His food came from a coin plate that he would beg with night and day.
(poems go here) Dear God, I've had a long day and I've been trying to pray, but the words on my mind, keep spilling out in rhyme. I know everything happens for a reason,
We're afraid to recognize the faults So life goes on with its deadly assaults Getting harder and harder everyday, but suddenly it halts Because sooner or later we unlock all the vaults Then sense pours out
Sometimes I feel blind, like I cannot see But the world sees him, and also sees her The world ignores me, and never sees me But the world shields them, while I remain blurred.
Our farther which art in heaven, Save my child's soul who's only eleven For she's growing up to fast and I want her to see And don't make the same mistakes like me Life is not a fairy tale
~please tell me why love turns to hate and you lose half your friends before the gates and we fall apart after we graduate and how we can’t check on eachother just to make sure things are straight
I was once untouchable, until he touched me and took everything. All he had to do was lift a finger to cast my soul dead. Tears would not flow but blood would shed because We were no longer equal.
They say i'm way too young To find the man that is the one If i dont find him i'm going to burst That is why i put my God first
To have humility is to think less Of ourselves ‘cause we are God’s creation Red, yellow, black, white, tell that to the press For the races received much damnation. Injustice is still there we need prayers
Oh godess, hear my plea. I pray that you deliver me. I seek your help, I seek your care, I seek your judgement true and fair. I pray for mercy from this storm, I pray that you would lead me home.
Sometimes I let my soul become like a desert land, building up on every side castles made with sand. I try to hide behind these walls of bitterness and shame, selfishness and hurt and pride grow like a hungry flame.
I wrote this a few years back before my confirmation of my faith. Hope you like it!:
Her daddy walks her down To her prince charming Family and friends smile At her in this perfect moment with the sun setting
here i am, little ol' me, underneath Your galaxy. there You are, up above, smiling down on me with love. Lord i love you, by and by. You are my love, my firefly. i wish to feel you, next to me. holding hands, silently.
Dear Lord, I've always come to church, Always believed. Yet somewhere, somehow,everything went wrong. All my friends are left behind, The school I once knew is gone,
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