Dear God

Dear God,
I don’t want to be bother,
But I was wondering if we could talk again,
You know, daughter to Father

Some days – early in the morning
I roll out of bed, say a quick prayer, and then I’m on my way.
So selfish of me,
I didn’t spend time with the One who gave His life away for me.
But I don’t want to waste another second so I’m calling Your name
Forgive me for I’ve neglected to follow in Your way

Dear God,
Hear this prayer of mine.
I’m a sinner – yes, I’ve fallen so many times
Dear God, You know my situation
Every trial and tribulation
That I go through – I give it all to You
And wait patiently; I’m asking You to change me
Dear God please, don’t give up on me

I know that You forgive
I know that You hear
So I try not to fear
I’m dressed in Your armor
This battle is Yours – Lord make me stronger
For You, I want to be a servant for You
That’s why I pray, in Jesus’ name I pray
Dear God Please, don’t give up on me

Guide me
Take me under Your wings and hide me
Keep me from falling – on Your name I’m calling
I confess and repent
An apology sincere
Dear God please, don’t give up on me



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Zachary Harris

Good stuff!


Honest, beautiful, very inspiring! Keep writing!

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