When I Bow my Knees

Fri, 04/25/2014 - 03:52 -- LeeLee

At night when I bow my knees
And come to You in prayer,
A gentle calm surrounds me
As I leave my burdens there.

My Creator, God, and Lord;
My Savior, Father, and Friend.
Your mercies endure forever;
You are loving to no end.

Though trials shake me
And temptations are all around,
I only need to tell You,
For only in You is peace found.

Though I kneel in the dark
With no human prescence near,
I am never alone or lonely,
For God, my best Friend, is here.

When I finally stop to sleep,
I know I have done what is best,
All I have to do is pray,
And God will take care of the rest.


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