The Most Dangerous Prayer


Sitting alone on the grass late one night

Admiring the starry sky shining so bright

I could not help but be in awe of my God

Who created the heavens and man out of sod


Chest swollen with wonder, I uttered a prayer

A target forevermore destined to bear

No more was I passive, a life drifting by

I sold all I had for what money can’t buy


Do you ask what I prayed with sincerity true

Or are you afraid of what it could do to you?

Wait just one moment – I’ll say what I said

But only if first you consult with one dead


No, not a spirit, the dead one is me

I died to myself so the Spirit could be

I died to myself so that in me He’d work

And make me like Christ despite all of my dirt


Yes, though perfection can come from what’s not

Let me just tell you God’s methods aren’t soft!

I’m tugged and I’m pulled in every direction

It hurts and it stings and it kills my ambitions


All that I ask for outside of His will

Is no longer given - I’m forced to be still

I pray and I search but so often I find

God speaks only silence in my doubting mind


Here I must tell you that if you are strong

This prayer is not for you – you won’t stand for long

At last, it must push you right down to your knees

And, yes, all these things God knows and He sees


“Why would you pray such a prayer?” you might ask

“Why undergo such a frightening task?”

“Because of my love,” must be my reply

Because for me first did my Rescuer die 


I looked up and while I was deep in my thoughts

My Jesus, my Savior henceforth to me brought

A challenge to let Him, no matter the cost

Mold me until my own image was lost 


“Of course You can mold me” I boldly replied

“What if for My name you must physically die?”

I paused at this thought, but not for too long

“Yes, Lord, I will die for You, even in song”


Now since then I have not faced death or decay

I have not been threatened to turn from God’s way

But when I am going through difficult times

It’s then I remember Christ as my lifeline


You see, when I lifted my voice up that night

My choice was not private - it was a bright light

To show to the world that my life is now His

But only the weak can surrender to Him


Nobody strong can endure His tests

And force himself through with all toil, no rest

That’s why if you’re strong don't be careless, my friend

This dangerous prayer may accomplish your end


God uses the weak to humble the strong

The foolish will shame the wise men and their song

Yes, being like Christ is a difficult task

If with strength and with wisdom you come and you ask


So now are you willing to die and to live?

To go through hard trials as if through a sieve?

The world thinks it crazy, but so is God’s love

The Most Dangerous Prayer was Christ's for His beloved 

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