there's been another tragedy, tragedy

It's happened on the news, it's happened on social media, but people have refused

have refused to help, have refused to believe, that things are happening and it's not meant to be,

That people are dying, everyone knows why,

but since they're a different color, no one hears their cry

when 130 people died in Paris that day everyone prayed,

but 40,000 in Aleppo we ignore straight away,

these are civilians mind you, people like me and you,

who are trapped in a bad situation and don't know what to do,

because the bombs are falling and mowing them down,

they're sending goodbye vids because they think they won't get out safe and sound,

These aren't just men either, but women and children,

Think of the children! I'll beg and I'll plead, someone needs to do something and it can't be just me,

Because people are dying, dying out there on those streets,

It's running red with their blood, running red with the lives of innocents,

We need to start talking about this, not let these people die,

Start helping Aleppo, listen to their people's cry!!

They're pleading for our help, we can't just scroll past their video on our feed and sigh,

but ask ourselves why, why we haven't helped, get these people out,

people who are just like us, with their own lives, with their own people whom they have crushes on,

with the same ideals, to find another, to build a family, to live a happy life,

these people who are dying with no way out,

the first step to solving a problem is admitting that there is one,

there is a problem here, a problem that needs a solution, a people that needs our help,

instead of sitting back and watching them die, instead of letting them become another genocide,

another one that we will read about in our history books and ask ourselves why no one bothered to help,

we can help! One voice may not reach them, but thousands will.

Instead of ignoring the problem, accept that there is one, and start helping,

or Aleppo will be just another city that fell into ruin because nobody bothered to listen.



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