If there was a way
To live day by day
With joys and no pain
With sunshine and few rains

If there was a girl
Who I would call my dear
Smiles, bringing back memories
Of today, with few worries

If I had a dad, who would live
For a moment more, please!
For if I had a single wish
I would wish for one more dish, dad

If I could read and not forget
The important things I need to get
To make the grades I am told
Would make me rich when I am old

If the butterflies could fly again
If cancer could fly away
If children could live longer
If the old could get cold no more

If all my dreams could come to pass
Just like a poem written in the class
If I could live one day more
Then I would wish for more.

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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