Night Flight

I plod along pristine sidewalks

in this utopian town,

craving the crisp crunch 

of leaves under my sneakers,

but they’ve all been swept away


The soft patter of my Chucks

bounces off sleeping houses

dressed in ginger-bread

Dutch design, a sickening 



An occasional flashing blue glow

breaks curfew and 

lights a living room window


I suddenly detest the 

thought of growing up,

another sleeping house

with a spotless lawn

in a perfect town


I quicken my stride,

an eerie feeling spurs me on— 

houses opening stern eyes

as I walk past,

judging the solitary stranger

who dares disrupt their peace



I seek shelter amongst the few

trees in an empty park

and sit, 

the cool night air

reviving, awakening me 

more to my 



My knuckles whiten

as my swing becomes a

slingshot to the heavens,

soaring higher than the trees,

cool breezes toss

my blonde hair,

lightning dancing in the night


I’m completely alone,

but not lonely,

no lost boy in need of company

as I talk with God,

telling Him my flooding thoughts,

each arc of the swing like a 

wave surfed 

in the nighttime Neverland


I laugh girlishly as my 

prayers Peter Pan me,

and I leap,









arms wide 

up and up

to the 

star that shines

second from the right

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