My Prayer


My words are more than just ink on paper
They are a prayer
A silent chronicle of my life through my eyes
More than just simple sighs they are

Wishes and dreams
Written the way it seems
But I will take nothing at face value so many times
my writing seems
All but a dream

Full of dragons to slay
And demons to chase down
But in a way

                                                                      It's comforting

What more could I ask for than to
Put these words down
Get them out of my soul
And maybe find a soul with a similar demon

A demon they can now exercise
And lay down the burden
with the simple words

                                                                 I'm not the only one

But we are never truly alone
The Lord our God is with us
He hears us

So again I say
My words are a prayer

A humble way to use my gift
To ask forgiveness
To the friend I wrote off

Forgive me

For the person I cut Into with my words
You didn't deserve to hurt because

I know better

And I know that any rude word could be a fatal slip of the tongue
Like a two story ladder with a weak and rotted rung
Caution simply flung
to the wind

Forgive me

Praise the God who forgives our sins

My words are a testimony

I survived
When all I wanted was to be another depressing statistic
I kept going
My family kept pushing me
And my prayer written out
Kept my faith and my self


My prayer if it were
To be heard

That The words I craft
May serve as a raft
To those who drown in sorrows

Chin up
Shoulders back
Walk with pride
Because you never alone

I survived
I progressed
I went from the bottom
To the top

This prayer I write
Is my prayer for you
That you may find
the strength
The peace
The courage

To love
To live
To be happy
To prosper
To make your dreams real
But mostly

My prayer is that you
First and foremost



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