I Prayed to Atë

I prayed to Atë

For life

But she did not take that well

Because there is no easy way for me to be punished for that

She cannot give me life and my own downfall

So she made me like this

My heart is not yet broken so she

Broke my mind

Filled it with tar and cursed my eyes so that

I cannot look into a mirror

Back at them


I prayed to Atë

For health

But it was my fault what happened

I did not specify good or bad

But what does she know about health?

Homer spoke that the Litae were sent after her as healers but

She ran

Like I do 

To mitigate what she has done to me


I prayed to Atë

For love 

She liked that one better

It is easier to hurt me through that wish

Break my heart and 

Fill the cracks with sorrow

So now I go to the dance alone

My dress was cheap so I wear it again

Even though I have worn it twice before


I prayed to Atë

For love again

Because even then

She has to oblige

She will ruin it eventually but for now

She must make me love someone even

If they do not love me back

And I am contempt with that

I would rather yearn for someone

And get nothing in return

Than to never love at all


I prayed to Atë

Once more for love

This time I do not know why

But each time I pray she has to answer in person

(as in person a Goddess can get)

And I find myself more in love each time

Her hair and eyes

Darker than the tar in my head

That holds my mind in place


I prayed to Atë

And she knew the reason

Her voice was deeper than I remember

As she laughed at my blush

When she took my hand

I am her only follower

No one prays to the Goddess of delusion and ruin

But just this once I realize

She is not always the Goddess of folly


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