Can you hear me now,

As I call through the cloud

The memories of the year that has past?

The memories of joy

The memories of tears

The memories of death

The memories of life


Can you see me now,

Past the haze of ignorance

That clouds our eyes?

Ignorant of my pain 

Ignorant of the tyranical reign

Ignorant of the plague

Ignorant of violence


Can you look to the past

See what happened last

And truely say how fine it was?

Because I can't say that.


For me the past year has been rough

Hearing of death and scandal

Hearing of bigotry and hate

Hearinf of terror and war

Hearing of problems I can't solve.



I've shown people my shadow

That has stuck to my mind

My derpession and anxiety

Consuming my time

And my broken mind.


I came to realize how soon

I will leave my family

I will start anew

To college I go 

To pay money that I do not own.


I lost a friend

My best friend of ten years

I've lost hoepe

I've developed new fears

And shed many tears.


So for the new year 

I pray for something new.

I pray for peace

I pray for healing

I pray for economic stability

I pray for all of you.


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