That great place

Church a place, where you
Draw close to the creator.
Church a place where you go to get you too eternal.
Church a place where you hear the sound of the beautiful drums.
Those spares,
That piano,
Boy oh boy how I love those sounds.
People I see praising his name.
Hands held up high
Halleluiah, thank you Jesus.
Before and after the morning service
The people of God
Going around greeting one another.
Praise the lord
Nice seeing you again
People smiling and getting to know one another.

Speaking to my brothers and sisters
The sound of the choir
Just so beautiful.
The preacher
Giving the word on that pulpit
While the congregation hunger for more.

I smell mommy with all the good smelling perfume
Daddy with all the cologne.
Smell of the afternoon cooking from the kitchen all the way in the sanctuary
Man it smells so delicious can’t wait to eat
Cross hanging up on the wall
Baptism right below.
Preachers, deacons, ushers
People of the lord everywhere
Red carpets, piano, organ, drums
Left to right.
Memories in church with my choir director
Practice every Tuesday
Man I miss her
The days that the family have together
Church is just that place.


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