Being the Real Me


Being the Real Me
by Hannah Powell

Being the real me,
In a world full of wannabes,
Is so much harder than everyone
Always told me it would be.

No one knows what I've been through
Especially when I hide feeling blue.
Sometimes you just gotta let it go.
Even when it's not easy, I know.

The struggle is real, the trial is there.
The best thing that helps, I promise, is prayer.
When you're caught in the middle of a tough situation,
Read your bible, seek God, or go on vacation.

I may not be smart or deal with things well.
Take a deep breath and try not to yell.
People don't realize how deep their words hurt.
Maybe, those people, it's time time avert.

Growing up is hard but remember to smile.
Drama can last for a short or long while.
The true friends you have only know the real you;
And forever and ever God's love's always true.


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