Anticipated Prayer

I want to spend time with my daughter
I think of her all day long
Her blonde hair, her lovely laughter
Read her a book? Sing a song?
Daydreaming about her development…
Proud that she is increasingly intelligent!

The hectic day is finally over
As a cheetah in a hurry
I speed up as I get closer
My mind sees her; all else is blurry
Cannot wait to see her wonderfully warm smile
Every mile I cycle is another trial

Alas! I’m home! Keys turn with my mind
From daily tasks to my little girl
Spotted! I approach from behind
‘Hello!’, while stroking her curls
My love overflows as a bath forgotten
My baby shots me with an indifference​ shotgun

I am sold for those cheap cartoons
Inhuman sounds, animal face
She prefers more idle afternoons
Than my encompassing embrace
It really hurts much to know I so love her
But she rather have TV to her loving father

This poem is about: 
My family


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