Unspoken Prayer

When I close my eyes,

the words don’t come out,

I mumble and stumble,

slur my words,

the prayer?

Just a verbal blur.


People mock me,

I don’t know how to pray,

yet you know Lord,

the words I want to say.


I need you,

not embarrassed to say,

need you,

in the baddest way.


Without you,

I’m lost, I’m lonely,

life’s confusing,

everything’s stormy.


Ups, downs,

constant worries,

my job, my money, my kids, my mortgage,

can’t rely on liquid courage.


Don’t be anxious about anything,

but in everything,


Not that things will go away,

but that faith and God will anchor you,

day by day.


Peace is what comes through prayer,

peace like light piercing darkness,

a road lit,

you inching bit by bit,

in peace and trust.


Fear and anxiety,

 cast upon the one who knows you,

molds you,

shows you he loves you.


So even if your tongue is tied,

or you wanna hide,


He hears your cries and pleas,

mercy and grace he’s given,

because He’s God and He’s Risen!

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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