Chest concaving,

Every ounce of blood burning.

Vision blurred, eyes engulfed.

Sadness I had never known.

Your soul had left its vessel,

How was I last to know?


The bond of grandfather and girl,

Bond of father and girl.

A man that cultivated me,

A man that enchanted me –



Deprived of seeing you one last time.

To touch your white, wrinkly hands,

Wise like the man on the moon.

Your silver hairs, each a Sirius star.

To tell you ‘I love you’,

One last time.


I whisper my failed transmissions

To the starry night sky you taught me to love -

Winter night, resting our heads on a bed of wet grass.

Connecting the dots with your pointed index finger…


I know you can’t hear them –

Or perhaps you do.


I wonder how I could reach you.

Perhaps crawling through one of those holes punched in the sky?

Squeezing in the universe that you now call home?


In the meantime,

I’ll keep whispering secret transmissions.

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