My Chronology Prayer

Lord I pray
For my heart feels numb and in place
Always vying for a love worth finding and yet
I stay in feeling complacency makes
Lord I pray
Give me the ability to keep everything at home still sane
Lord I pray
Give me the things I need because I am desperate and I plead
Lord I pray
Give me an understanding that I can feel
Because this world keeps pushing me harder and harder
Lord I pray
Forgive me God, for I can't seem to find the strength away from these addictions
They keep thrashing me around
And in it, they get the best of me
Trying to take you from heart's obsession
Lord I pray
God you have given me so much and in it I am so grateful
You give me love I don't deserve and give me grace in full
Lord I pray
That you use me to be a Pastor or maybe one for the youth
If its in your will God, I pray that I can do music too
Lord I pray
I finally am understanding from things you have showed me
Its not about about placing,
Its the great commission's calling
Lord I pray
Father to you goes ALL the Glory 
Because, quite frankly, you have always beckoned for me
And Lord I PRAY for this nation that never stop to acknowledge you
God I pray
Heal this nation
Heal the wounds brought on by false presentation
I pray for revival God I know it will happen one day
Because its by YOU, in YOU, and through YOU I say and can pray through YOUR SON's NAME


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