'O Captain my Captain Scholarship Poem' '2018

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He wakes in the early morning to prepare for his day Hard labor is what ends up making the pay He hurts every morning and he hurts every night
So Mentor of mine, everyday you secretly guide my thoughts swiftly.  
A crayon Teaches a hand to create Colorful dreams onto white walls Coloring outside the lines No limits for each color   A pencil Writes a love letter at 3 am
Born into youth with resilience and ferver Was a boy so young, and so kind, yet clever A boy whose bright mind and bright smile last forever Taken care of by the whole soul of a wise tree  
  I walked into a cold and lonely room It reeked of middle school drama and over-used axe spray
 It felt like a thousand waves crashing into my body. As I clung to anything I could. A person. My bed. Like they were a lifeboat in the storm of losing you.
  Holding chicken wings Tiny hands fixing bike strings I remember you   Old hands fixing gears Callous and rough, old but strong
  Holding chicken wings Tiny hands fixing bike strings I remember you   Old hands fixing gears Callous and rough, old but strong
  Holding chicken wings Tiny hands fixing bike strings I remember you   Old hands fixing gears Callous and rough, old but strong
Thank you. Thank you for everything. Thank you for pushing me to be more involved. Thank you for supporting me with all you have.
Who had the greatest impact on my life? Makes me think back to when I was five. My Momma was there Making sure I brushed my hair, But she wasn't the only one who cared. As I got older,
                                                           Baby blue                                                         I put my faith in you
Broken fragments pieced together, is this who I am meant to be? Little pair of hands and circuits working, crafting what seems to be a part of me.
Guide me, until I break the surface of the water that held me down. Hold me, as I gasp for air that was denied to me for so long. Help me, as I swim with struggling, unsure strokes
The story of my life can be relayed in lyrics From pop punk to rap to Anna Nalick, Eros, storge, philia, agape
A father stands for guidance, authority, and sound leadership My father not only has these characteristics but many more Through the good times and the bad times he has stuck by my side not switching sides
  “Alone” Left, right “Worthless” Left, right “Weak” Uphill, down, “Lost” Repeat.   Monsters growl and hunt. My life growls and hunts, ME
Gitara, Thank you for your qualities. You’re kind and you see me for me.
I know who I am I know who you are But it’s hard to pinpoint what the influential point was Was it when I realized that you are just as anxious as me?
A friend who teaches, a person you trust. Helping you when you need it most and giving you all when you have nothing to give. Those who teach and help with nothing in return Everyone needs help when things get too tough
As an engineer in training, many things are taught. We are taught new ways to solve problems, to innovate. A family builds a great nest with windows that enable. The mentor I seek, shines brightest
Brown is a mix of innocence and experience, because not everything is as easy in black and white. It is a blend of the natural essence in life. Her warmth assembled into your irises to turn the way you see things.
My mentor is my dad because he does not want me to go through what he went through, because he did not have a dad. Sometimes he be like you should be happy you have a dad because some kids don't.
My favorite class is the class I have the most fun in, where I can be myself Even though I have to listen in this class I can express myself as a person who doesn't have to worry about being laughed at by kids
“Mediocrity is not allowed You know as well as I For when we tolerate thoughts of simplicity Ah, the creative will fall. Then, we shall stand with heavy heads bowed How voices will run dry.
I want to thank my grandparents for when I was down they did not let me get any warrants I couldn not frown   They filled my belly did not want me to starve serve me grape jelly
I know I got lost sometimes or caused trouble sometimes I lost sight of my goal  but you were always right there.  Times came where we didn't see eye to eye  or I wouldn't speak, 
God makes me feel free and lets me be me he is a never seen mentor of mine   Of all the great people I know he has protected us from great evils, including human kind  
My mentor is my mother My mom gives me advice, helps me Makes me feel good, inspires me And makes me happy  
Advice is something everybody needs, including me because nobodyis perfect Don't go against any good advice that can prevent you from getting yourself in trouble
Sometimes I travel too far along one set of tracks When I look back I see that the distance is too great to venture home So, I continue onward I am lost and alone, waiting for the will to turn around
The first time we collide I was in aweI could believe this type of happiness Knowledge that if I ever did cry raw You would welcome me into your own nestWith a name just as odd as the beaches 
This is not facetious 
O Social justiceWhat do you mean to meFor I am just a student with stage frighthaving to practice linesfor projects multiple timesalone in the night  
An immense thank you to my past mistakes, My teacher, my guide, my mentor, My lessons, my directions, my advice. The past is as vast as the sea, And like the seas creatures, 
My mother is a mentor like no other Who bought out my creativity and made me wonder My sister is a mentor who opened my shutters When I was shy and my personality was under cover
As I look down the long road that awaits me I wonder where it leads to And who I will be when I get there   It will take me on a journey One that I will never forget
You raised me up from a little girl. Helped me turn my dreams into goals and goals into reality. I could not have choosen a better leader on the path of life. Thank you mom.
The rain falls steadily on  the waxy leaves. I smile and feel the drops fall gently on my face. The birds are only slightly bothered by the water; they twitter with annoyance
Dear Mom, I want to thank you. My single mom, Strong and steady. Showed me the power of a woman. Your heart was broken so abruptly. But you didn’t fall, you flourished. You picked us up and carried us along Still standing strong. I know you are hu
You brought me into this world. It took you nine whole months to make me into a little girl. You took my hand and held it close.
Because the shift dress remained to be a hassle, I wore capris instead.  How else was I to ride my bike if my dress was too tight?! This was a story I would always hold in my heart dearly about my grandmother. 
I miss you so much, god knows how much I miss you from your kind heart to the kisses on the cheek when you laid me down for bed. When I  was little kid growing up I thought you was a solider and could never get hurt.
When I was 10 years old, I had a dog that made me happy. He was my family. Everyday when I came home he would run to me. After he ran he jumped and gave me a hug, he makes me very happy. 
My mom helps me and encourages me alot before I walk out the house she says something nice   Oh... when I do bad she gets on me I once skipped a class and she got on me   My love and inspiration
The thing that makes me happy all the tim is my friends. My friends always know everything I do and I know what the are doing. Everytime I am hanging out with my friends it makes me feel good in a way.
My mom gives me motivation  she is honest  she keeps dreams alive she works harder and harder everyday and almost night  but I know one thing  she never gives up she is always herself
Disco pants  Long hair Chest hair  Don’t care You three look at me  With such an inviting stare  I let my frustration be  I let it go for a song or two or three  I dance along
  Into this scandalous yet luminous world Always changing And many differences Whos to say what's next Who can tell you yesterday
The quiet omnipotence of my mentor  Has guided me through life. To my younger self, I would have lent her  A small piece of advice.   To not resist these blueprints of success,
The last time I saw you,you were shriveled up with your hands held tight You know I thought about you tonight "never accept a wooden nickel," is all you would say 
Dancing to remember Dancing to forget, Dancing to become something, Dancing to pretend, Dancing to stay active, Dancing to learn more,
Growing up I never had much Parents were always working and my older siblings couldn’t help me in my studies It was always hard to keep up with the racial disparities being such a crutch
As kids, our minds are full of wonder,
The person that inspires me the most is anonymous to random people, but when duy calls for random people she is there.  She is out and helpful even though she is not with us.
You take care of me  You made me see what the world could truley be you opened my eyes There between your hands lies a surprise You have gifted me with the sunrise And so much more You are beautiful
This is about my dad, who is so very rad, I talk to him when I'm sad, and sometimes when I'm mad, he always makes me glad, he is a true comrade, whenever I feel bad,
Thank you for helping me with my homework.  Thank you for giving me money when I need it.  Thank you for giving me good advice for school.    Thank you for helping me get good grades. 
It is about my mom and dad They are there for me They help me grow up  and get to school  They tell me I am a sweet girl  and that I am smart  My mom is a good parent to me 
You make my ears fell wonderful All these different emotions Happiness, sadness and contentment You also make me very excited   You come in many different genres
Story of you...   Screams Air shook Quaking bed sheets   Story of you and me...   Cries Broken connection Seperated at birth   Story of you and me...  
We are born with a fire Ingited deep within our hearts And with it comes a desire To burn great and bright But we are born the same  So if you want to rise, you must fight This is what I was taught 
Here's to the duo that raised me as an equal I look upon them both as treasured friends who make my heart full. Two opposites working in tandem, It's about time I sit down and thank them.
Every little girl Has a common dream To start out as a princess And grow into a queen   As a little girl I looked up to my dad He treated me like a princess He was like my comrade
who is your greatest mentor? they ask who packs you lunches? who wakes you up in the morning? who is the first person you tell the good news to? who let you cry in the car before wiping your tears?
You are the reason that I'm here When you're with me, I have no fear   It is precious how you take a lot of time out of your day I'm grateful that you take that time to help me along the way  
I welcome you, brothers and sisters To the island I call my home The place of diversity Filled with courtesy and charity  
Thank you for the voices, the ones that won't let me sleep at night, the ones that keep crying out to me, "listen to me, listen to me."   Thank you for the voice, the one that keeps my head down,
It's been with me my whole life, I never had a decision. Some days were good, some were bad. At one point, it made me want to give up. At others, it made me thrive.
Mentor, Friend, Soulmate, Brother, Mentor.   A mentor is someone who shapes the mind, Someone who helps the person to find
I am definitely most odd With problems so broad When I had a bad day You made it less grey And suffered time at school Feeling like such a tool You gave me your thoughts To undo my knots
My eyes, blind to an orderly Earth Discord. Turmoil paved the way A struggle, a downhill climb from birth I searched for comfort, day by day Home
Oh the great sea How it rocks to and fro Carrying its children Up above and deep below They are all loved, by the ocean held in its embrace
For those I love whome know not how much cherish they deserve Oath to deign to those whose hearts bleed to mine Referencing flesh and thought propels a marching pysche Thoughtless to trivial conditionals
O Captain! My Captain! Something so simple  O Captain! My Captain!  A class in school  O Captain! My Captain! 4 years in and im still learning more O Captain! My Captain! 
-So why am I not good enough for him -Why am I not the person he wants me to be -Why can't I be the person he wants me to be -Why Why Why
I cannot touch you, But I can feel you. You come from the people that matter the most -  My family, And my friends. You bring me up, when I bring myself down.
quiet quiet quiet why isn't your mind quiet why does it race and spin and SHOUT SHOUT SHOUT you are overwhelmed? you are overwhelmed. but she is there and she
Loosely, I stare  At the shriveled man before me I wonder how it is people stay so put together I smile, softly He barely moves So instead, I move I kiss his cheek, and I hold his hand  
You've made me sad, You've made me mad, You've made me cry, You've made me sigh. You've made me live. When I wanted to die. You've held me up, when time were tough.
I have 96 months 96, before IT comes. You know, IT, that thing, IT a gaping, tearing, pulling, pushing… IT I have just 96 months, the knifes so elegantly placed, so perfectly molded, holding so much promise. 
My greatest talent is flexibility, bending but not broken. The suffering of time gives the weight of challenge, but not the impossibility of defeat.
The wings of white turn the heavens gate upside down.  Little by little the world of human bound by time gets shifted.  The guardian of grace sends her knowledge of acceptance reflecting on the purpose of her children. 
My stomach coils within itself My heart throbs behind my collar My throat sticks and sqelches My joints begin to melt Your eyes flit across the room to find mine Your laugh fills my skull
There is an oval, of reasonably sick people sitting in room 121 You can feel the disease melting off our faces and onto the floor People from each generation
I know how much you miss Michagain. I know how much you wonder If you're really making a difference With kids from this Texan city. Well, all I can say Is that if the kids before And the kids after
In the darkest hours of ones mortal life, comes a light that will forever shine despite strife. Even if the winds were to howl and all were fall, she was there to endure it through it all.
Dear Mother, Oh the things you have taught me The experiences you have shared with me The memories you have made with me Dear Mother Oh the times you pushed me to strive higher
I fall The precipice just dark enough that no light penetrates Just deep enough where my shouts aren’t heard Down there, there is nothing, nothing but me
Dwight Shrute’s 10 Commandments You may all know Jim Halpert Pamela Beasley Michael Scott
You thought me to be confident  Always told me to be honest  Show how to respect others You always say to be strong To be a leader You take care of me  Always love me  Never give up on me
You gave birth to me when I was young When I was down you picked me up    Everyday as the sun goes down  I just think about how many times you help me    When I look in your eyes all I see is tears 
You have taken care of me since I was born You buy all the things I want You have always been there when I needed you most You have always been pushing me to do my best  I don't know where I would be without you
today I realized I have many friends no mentor I have an elder sister who slows me down when I'm going  too fast a best friend who showed me how hard  work  will get you where you want to be
today I realized I have many friends no mentor I have an elder sister who slows me down when I'm going  too fast a best friend who showed me how hard  work  will get you where you want to be
Oh, Moon face, stars in your eyes, lead me to the ocean tonight Sweet like peaches, cold as snow No telling where we'll go We'll find our way again one day
Silence That's how it all starts Darkness The first thing I see   A range of colors that I have yet to know A fight as I struggle to see A blind rage for something I do not understand
an artist of graffiti, a father trying, a warm heart, a recovering alcoholic--   a shirker of emotion,
I know you never thought that you were an example.   But you were. You were A great example for me. You taught me to live compromisingly,  to be commited, to be comical,
All my life I've never had to be creative. All my winning poster and extra credit project ideas weren't mine. All of them were hers. She made the cute costumes. She lay awake at night creating the clever saying.
There I was ready to walk away But then God yelled today is the day Walking back towards something that I had no idea what would happen  I trusted him and with the plan
How’s one to recognize any vicissitudes lest they paid attention. You paid attention.You paid beyond just attention,You paid it with love.Even though we fought from time to time and-That’s okay, We’re sisters anyway.Does it traverse your infinite
Mrs. Waters  Beautiful kindred spirit, Lived my life before my breath. You sail with me through it all. My captain, lovely and wise.  
Everybody has someone that they admire. A person that helps them, a person that inspires. They can be good, as they can be bad But for me, that person is my dad.  
My Tiny Mentor   Who would think that the smallest member of the house would have an impact so large? Though we speak different languages, I know you’d never curse. Out your soul was never a single ounce of hurt.
Because of you, I learned how to love Because of you, I know love Because of you, I strive for happiness Because of you, I know happiness
Fear My best friend and worst enemy My number one motivator My number one hater Fear I love you for taking me on this journey in life
Like a sword in my hand a paintbrush glimmers with red,  ready to squander the acrylic dragon. A canvas lay flat before me. My brain oozes with paint as it pumps through my veins,
O Librarian, My Librarian When an insecure young child I had been, my imagination you did expand Because the kindness of your heart gifted me a haven  as your soothing voice took me to different lands
Only one of my mentors has impacted me in such a way. You helped mom give me life, but now I need to pay? I was only five at the time, but you believed hurting us was fine. At the age of eight,
There she stands, With the same smile that make her green eyes glisten. I know her heart is full when she looks at me, Because I have achieved everything she dreamt of,
Life, like prison or war,often is worsened by Heartbreak and phyical sores. Everyone experiences thisMany suffer, its truebut what gets me through this time?Well, that would be you.
one… two… three… four… I hear the footprints upon the floor Though they will not near my door I sit and ponder the thought of one
Let me tell A bit about my life when I was only five I saw it all guns knives weed crack it was already Wack people were breaking in stealing all our money I could hear the rich people laughing I guess they thought it was funny because I was walk
Surrounded by pitch black hoping the monster won’t come back I hear its names society It stops many lives entirely This beast so corrupt
Rage overcomes your soul Hate fills your eyes and all you want them to do is die Stop breathing Stop walking
Day after day dark clouds filled your mind. Your smile and your laugh were your attempt to hide. Fear of the darness kept you going, until you became friends with it. I understood you becuse I embraced it too,
Kline is like a nickel She always has a ferronickel strength When I'm not strong She is strong for me I thank her for her empowerment Kline is like a dime She always has 10 words of wisdon to share
I have played softball since I was eight. Softball made me all my friends, gave me great role models, and taught me how to be responsible. I have grown up playing the game. I have grown up holding a bat in my hand.
Anger is not a pretty emotion for a pretty girl like you,  and hate is a strong word, far stronger than what you feel.  I have grown in a world cultivated by fear
“I care what you have to say.” Those words, That thought, I didn’t know how to reply. I stood stumbling and mumbling incophensable words,
When I was a little girl I would obsess over the horses. I decided to dance instead,  But they never left my mind.    As the years went on I felt like I was different from the rest.
Dear Anxiety, You've always been there, in the back of my mind.  Watching, waiting, listening. Biding your time until you felt it was time to come out. Watching me go through life, Waiting for me to do something risky, Listening to everything I sa
I am of influential women The people who inspire me to be who I am and do what I do The women who have raised me on a mental and physical level
She courses as strong as the tides And dwindles when required But when given the opportunity She returns with larger waves than before  
The future is mysterious yet bright, It’s like the gold that shines on the streams mirroring the sky Or the celestial bodies exposing the cosmos at night,
A guiding light inside my soul That always tells me where to go; Which path to take, What choice to make To which my actions show.
She hangs the flyer: "Sale: baby shoes, never used." Later, a gunshot.
A face I've always known A shoulder I've always cried on  A half-mirror image of me The person I want to be  My first hello  And eventually my hardest goodbye Mom, please don't ever go
Thank you for listening to my nonsense Thank you for guiding me down the right path Thank you for being so understanding when others were not Thank you for laughing when I couldn't Thank you for keeping an open mind
Would you be proud?All the lessons you've taught meThe letters you kept me writingHands so worn with lead You've left behindNot by choice,The last words,You give are..Poetry, all that you have leftYou give it the best you canKeep writing what you'
In life, there are those who Lead you to your destiny But there are also those who Are nothing but your enemy.   The truth is, we cannot process feelings of gratitude
So much has happened So much has changed When you debuted People laughed Judged, and didn’t believe What you could become   As years went by You made history
Class was like a peach, Overflowing with nectar, And I, the peach pit.
A Father. A protector, a lover, a fighter.  A Father.  He is brave, he is strong, he is smart, and knows no wrong.  A Father.  You may fight, you may argue, but at the end
For Mama   You’ve been my strength Through all of these years Through broken bones And endless tears You’ve been my strength Through tragic shows Through worthless bullies
Most of the challenges I face everyday  Are due to the obstacles that get in my way Life is not easy  But this fact shouldn't stop me  All I have to do is try Sometimes I am afraid of not becoming successful 
A mentor who changed me A saivor oh is she The strongest woman to ever walk this Earth The very same woman who gave me birth My mother my hero Someone who is never a zero Strives above all others
The doors begin to open, And time begins to flow, As reality is broken, A world begins as an embryo.   So much to do, So much to learn,
You choose to love someone My father once told me It's not an instant thing You choose to love and look past the flaws and failures   My father once told me  You love in spite of, not because of
i never knew how to respond To the snide comments The passing remarks The constant reminder that i was “getting a bit pudgy”
While i fumble my words  my eyes dart to the ground, but I feel the touch of your soft warm hands pushing my head towards the sky. Your booming dialect guides me through the deep dark corners.
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