Michigan Import

I know how much you miss Michagain.

I know how much you wonder

If you're really making a difference

With kids from this Texan city.

Well, all I can say

Is that if the kids before

And the kids after

Take the time to listen

Not just to what you are paid to teach

But to the words of wisdom

You try to drill into us

Of how we can be better.

Of how we need to be better.

Of how we need to be the change we want to see,

Because we are the futre.

If they ever once

Even for a slight second

Let your words

Do more than go

In one ear

And out the other

They will see how much you truly believe

That we have to better ourselves

And then come back and serve our community. 

And I think part of you

Feels guilty

For leaving Michagin

And staying in Texas,

But you are needed here.

You have an impact on the lives

Of students who will let you.

I can't thank you enough

For inspiring me

To better myself

In order to change the world

One Texan city at a time.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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