Mrs. Waters

Mrs. Waters

Beautiful kindred spirit,

Lived my life before my breath.

You sail with me through it all.

My captain, lovely and wise.


You are more than a leader,

More than one that I admire,

Become more than my teacher,

O my captain, you’re my friend.


O Captain, my captain, where I would be without you?


Among swallowing black waves,

Thrashed--unsure of direction,

I could be in my worries.

You calm my storms with your voice.


You steer me with assurance.

I listen as my arms strain,

Throwing over the anchor,

Made by your experience.


O Captain, my captain, did you have someone like you?


You’ve sailed these waters before.

You are calm in my suspense.

You know how these waves crash down,

As they crash down over me.


What I thought were my sea legs,

Are now gone, but you stand firm.

Belt laugher at the journey.

How you keep me lighthearted.


O Captain--my captain laughs “My last name is Waters!”


With the brightest of faces,

The most sympathetic of hearts,

Has she guided me in faith.

Watched me grow like a mother.


Through real storms of heartbreak,

Anxiety, depression,

Through warm days of bubbling joy,

My captain helped guide my ship.


O Captain, my captain I’m grateful I’m your sailor.


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Are you a high school student in Utah by chance? If this is a WL student, I would love to hear from you! 

(ain't no party like a WL party) 

m. waters


I am not from Utah, but I’m sure you’ve been a wonderful captain for your own students. :)


I am so glad that you have had a teacher in your life who has given to you what I hope I am giving to my students every day! Your work is beautiful! Keep writing! 


Thank you! 

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