Thanks to the Drunk

This is not facetious 

or sarcastic 

because this thank you 

is heartfelt and 



to say thank you to a drunk seems counterintuitive 

and yet 

you were the biggest influencing push 

in my life. 

The drunk who’s stayed by my side saying  

“I’m here for you” 

Smelling of Yeager. 

Thank you seems counterintuitive because 

you Hurt me, 

you Scared me, 

you made me Fear men, 

You made me Fear the Contents of a person's Glass more than words and intentions 


And yet I learned more from you than I did from anybody. 


I thought you were loud and tired when I was young, and  

I learned 

I never want to skip on my naps or I’ll sway when I walk 

And I never want to be so loud that I scare my sister to  

the point 

that she  

Peed her pants. 

you don’t remember because you were drunk but, she did 

she peed her pants 

in Fear 




Thank you for showing me that 

I never want to be that loud or that tired and 

I’m proud that 

 I never have. 


I remember the name Jim Beam and now that I’m an adult I can’t help the 


of seeing Jim everywhere 

because you told 


My sisters 

My mother 

That you would rather Jim Beam’s company over your family 

You would rather Jim Beam than a warm meal and comforting hugs. 

You showed me how the contents of a  


made you Isolated and Lonely and Blameful. 

And I blamed Jim before I saw who was 




Thank you 

Because of that 

I knew that I never wanted to be so attached to something in my  


rather than my 



or my Home 



I knew that as I got older Home was no longer a place where I slept or ate. 

That place you stayed was a roof that I frequently visited. 

undesirably so 

Thank you for making that place so unwanted 


It pushed me to look at other  

Places, Things, Persons 


I made my Home 


I had more than one. 

Home was the adventures of libraries, 

The peace of drives with mom, 

Parks with friends that felt warmer than any heated bed, 

Mentors that taught me passion 

And Myself 


I saw Myself. 

I saw Myself in your eyes. 

What you saw was something that should have been grateful for even  

a glance 



Even for a comment that felt like a slap. 


Now I see 


develop into everything you weren't 

Because you showed me everything, I never wanted to be 

And for that 

Thank you. 


This poem is about: 
My family


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