My greatest talent is flexibility, bending but not broken.

The suffering of time gives the weight of challenge, but not the impossibility of defeat.

I do not fend my body from the quandary of failure or the position of success,

but the realization of adaptation.

To present myself in confirmation of adversity rather than the sanction of peace.

I want independence and self-reliance, where is the task in knowing success?

I fight in life through the trouble of death, the scrutiny of comparison,

I am bent never broken.

I see the challenge in being a baseball pitcher,

I see the difficulty of running a mile in under six minutes,

I am the spine that is bent but never broken.

I see the falseness of realism,

I understand the improbability of winning, yet I try anyways.

My greatest talent is not what I can do, nor what I have accomplished, but what got me there.

The interpretation less, when the journey requires no more.

Fixation is a term used to define, but I revolve around a line so faint I cross.

It bends to the challenge of leader, to the sacrifice of time,

and even the succession of continuation.

I have a talent that brings me through times of loss,

I lose, and I win, but over time I do not break I bend.

I cultivate my talent not with knowing the end,

but by the uncertainty that I will rise again.

The choice is not easy, the path is not straight,

but I focus not on that which lies in wait, my back bends.

I do not overcome challenge, nor do I become better than I was before,

I am just fighting to start again.

I have seen the devil kiss a star and give birth to pain, the layering regret of yellow.

The failing comprehension of poison, I am the statement bent not broken.

If I lay to rest, the slow dance of death will stress.

I have experienced sacrifice, all to well do I know the words

“why can’t you be more like…” bent not broken.

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