Wed, 10/24/2018 - 21:51 -- CionneG

Brown is a mix of innocence and experience, because not everything is as easy in black and white. It is a blend of the natural essence in life. Her warmth assembled into your irises to turn the way you see things. Brown is a realist who can darken their perspective to reality rather than brightening it up to a fantasy. A fragile illusion that is meant to be fiction. Her strength is uncanning. The ambiguous canvas that is striking and curvy. Her beauty is a flower that has been transported to different landscapes. I love the way she grows. God touches her with his lips as she sprouts from the ground. Wiggling her arms like a stem swinging in the wind. Her transformation was her dance. Women like her died for me to surpass the evil infections in this world. Shipped over rocky waves with hymns of hope finding the glimmer between her cracked cage, underneath cracked skin. Like broken dinosaur bones on display. Everyone stared at the disassembled pieces of her smile. Brown is survival. She is magnificent spawned to be Maleficent, but she was created by the dreams of ghosts. Her name is Hope, freedom and justice because they are aspirations we question if she is ever going to get. Shackles were instilled to guarantee we couldn't escape. Black beauty had to be dissected, because people couldn't understand it. Brown is defiance in a society based on oppression, and this woman is like water that we need to survive.

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My family
My community


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