Handhold of social justice

Wed, 10/24/2018 - 17:35 -- mharis

O Social justice
What do you mean to me
For I am just a student with stage fright
having to practice lines
for projects multiple times
alone in the night


Social justice
For me and my community
who are all in need of unity
Because I
am a Muslim but I
am not violent or oppressed and I
see you looking at the covering on my head
wondering why


Social justice
I took your hand hesitantly with my right
even though stage fright had clamped down on my left
And I felt
not so uncomfortable
And I saw
A place where I could give my voice
A place where it mattered
Where people cared


Social justice
Because of you
I found relief
The grip of stage fright had loosened
Enough that I was okay
And I held on to you tightly
With my head and hijab high


Social justice
Will you still be there for me?
I am scared
To see the day when
My hand starts slipping from yours
But for now
I am grateful
Grateful for this

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My community
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