In the darkest hours of ones mortal life,

comes a light that will forever shine despite strife.

Even if the winds were to howl and all were fall,

she was there to endure it through it all.

When mortality is made known at it's peak,

the strongest can get through it, even when weak.

She held on tightly, refusing to let go,

astounding everyone she'll ever know.

Death tried to overtake her, serveral times in fact.

Her victory was made known because she did not stay in tact.

Death could not claim her spirit, though it claimed her leg.

Occasionally, the rest of us would start to beg,

for someone- anyone to take her pain away!

She had suffered enough! We all want to say.

But we can't, she won't let us.

Her cries are her own.

The strongest of all of us.

I have always known,

that someday she will have to leave.

But until then, she stays firm in both faith and character.

She's stayed strong her whole life- this I believe.

Even through her trials, she tries to smile,

stays strong for the rest of us, so we don't need to care for her .

She's my inspiration when life throws its bombs.

Things are getting bettter.

I love you mom.

This poem is about: 
My family


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