My Masked Warrior

The person that inspires me the most is anonymous to random people,

but when duy calls for random people she is there. 

She is out and helpful even though she is not with us.

She is alive, but she lives in Los Angeles, Califorina, and no, she is not my mother.

My light and shine is everything to me and she sends me what I need. 

she talks to me when I want to talk.

She pours all her heart out to her family. 


The masked person that certain people don't know about

is going through breast cancer and other health issues. 

But she still tries to push through it no matter what

And she still managed to get a Doctoral degree and now she's a doctor. 

She boost her self back up at hard times.


My love always sends me what I  need and want .

She pushes through anything to do better and get better.

She comforts me when everything is going bad. 

She does so much for me. 

I thank you, masked warrior for everything. 

I love you.  


This poem is about: 
My family


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