A Silhouette


That's how it all starts


The first thing I see


A range of colors that I have yet to know

A fight as I struggle to see

A blind rage for something I do not understand

A development for words I can not speak



That's all I hear now


The next thing I come to know


Faces plastered around me

Confused I cry out

A face with a warm smile and tears

My heart is calm now


I've learned to walk

I began to talk

I've learned to run

My life's journey has begun


Through all the pain I've come to know

You've taught me how to overcome it

Through all the lies I've learned to speak

You saw right through it and knew what to do


Among all the loss I've come across

You taught me how to seek

Through all the hardships we've endured

You showed me how to engage


I am but a proud silhouette of you

The same love given to me I can give to others

Because your soul dances within my own

I know I too will be a great mother.


Thank You

This poem is about: 
My family


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