O Librarian, My Librarian

Tue, 10/16/2018 - 22:16 -- tfaison

O Librarian, My Librarian

When an insecure young child I had been,

my imagination you did expand

Because the kindness of your heart gifted me a haven 

as your soothing voice took me to different lands


O Librarian, My Librarian

How excited I was to see you weekly

I'd bounce on the balls of my feet

and ask to be in the front row albeit meekly

And I wouldn't stop until I took my seat 


O Librarian, My Librarian

At the time you couldn't possibly know

that every single book aloud you read 

made it possible for me to grow

and express the images made in my head


O Librarian, My Librarian

You didn't know how empty I felt

Even so young, loneliness had found me

But with every conversation so heartfelt

I could easily forget the issues around me


O Librarian, My Librarian

You were the first reason

I learned to appreciate the literary arts

and to see that they were not only meant to look pleasing

but to be something anyone could use to show their heart


O Librarian, My Librarian

You had a tongue of fire,

a knowledge brimmed mind;

You had so many things I admired

and very few flaws that I could find


O Librarian, My Librarian

I now, because of you,

possess a tongue of wit,

don't like being told what to do,

and still I never like to sit


O Librarian, My Librarian

But you've also taught me many things

Amongst them: how to push my limits,

how to turn my passions into dreams,

and even how to, in myself, have confidence


O Librarian, My Librarian

I only have a few more words to say

and those words are thank you

for then and every other day

that you did what you do 




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