Last words

Let me tell A bit about my life when I was only five I saw it all guns knives weed crack it was already Wack people were breaking in stealing all our money I could hear the rich people laughing I guess they thought it was funny because I was walking in school not wearing them hundred dollar clothes not looking like a model ready to pose we lost our house and I didn't understand why mama said it would be okay even if we didn't have anywhere to stay tonight I asked mama wheres daddy and mommy started crying and tears rolled down my face when she said that he's gone he wanted me tell you he loves you and we have to push on we were on the bench lying crying wishing we had more time when I walked in that building that they called school and the kids they were really cruel they started laughing my feet started tapping i ran out of the building I wanted to scream but nothing came out they knew I didn't have a home I lived in a dump that's when my heart started to pump I was filled with rage like I was locked up in a cage that's when I broke down and I realize my life wasn't going to turn around I wanted to fly to daddy so I got on that rope and tried but the rope stopped me I guess it's time to say goodbye but it's okay daddy's right by my side
Next time u say something think about how that can be the last words Someone hears

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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