As kids, our minds are full of wonder,

Constant thoughts and ideas runing wild.
Growing up, we get a glimpse what the world is truly like.
It’s beautiful but terrifying.
We face anxieties, fears, and challenges
That lurk in the back of our minds,
Like a child’s ghastliest fear coming true.
When we try fixing our problems,
We smile in hopes of forgetting such a sickening feeling.

We smile at those who mean the world to us.
We have people who we admire,
We enjoy their familiar presence,
They support us and reveal the way.

They show us that we don't have to smile to feel better.

They guide us in the right direction.

Look here, there, and look up.

Up beyond the glowing clouds,
Through the dusty, chaotic atmosphere,
Into the everlasting space gazing down onto the earth.
Look around, at your fingers, your feet.

Now look down.

Look at the world and try to find these problem,

The ones that plague your mind.

Only then do we see it.

We don't have to cry, smile, or be okay.

But we have to look at our problems from a different view.

Those who show us the way aren't just people,

They don't even have to be mentors.

They're just people.

People who understand and teach you how to be yourself.

And that our problems are nothing.

Nothing but a speck of dust,

Floating in space.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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