I Care

“I care what you have to say.”

Those words,

That thought,

I didn’t know how to reply.

I stood stumbling and mumbling incophensable words,

And you stood and watched with a grin on your lips.




All if the emotions I try to hide,

To contain,

Spread across my features.

“I care what you have to say.”

I believed you then,

And I belive you now.

Those words whook me to my shaky foundation,

And now I’m rebuilding myself,


Every so slowly,

But I’ll get there.

A person worthy of your words,

A person you’ll never meet,

But I’ll know.

You were a mentor of hope to me,

My friend,

My confidence builder,

My partner in joyus crime.

You meant the world to me,

And though you no longer walk by my side,

You’ll always be in my life,

A beautiful memory.

Thank you for giving me a chance,

For believing in me,

For saying,

“I care what you have to say.”

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