Influence in writing

A crayon

Teaches a hand to create

Colorful dreams onto white walls

Coloring outside the lines

No limits for each color


A pencil

Writes a love letter at 3 am

Insomnia taking over in the name of love

Of the thought of bright eyes

Flashes of a smile and holding hands in the halls

Hoping the handwriting portrays the words I'm too afraid to say out loud


A pencil

Lead wrapped in yellow wood

Writes math problems at 2 am

Right handed students have a callous on the left side of their middle finger

Writing late night essays

Preferring lack of sleep over the fear of a missed assignment


A pen

Signing my choice away to a new law

Thinking my body should only belong to a man

Defining my parent's life as illegal

Because they wanted a better life for their children

Signing my own name to a loan

Haunting my pocket for years to come





Started out as a way to create

To show my greatest dreams

My greatest love


Turned into callouses

As scars on the paper

Locking me in a cage of late night essays

Of rules made by those who do not know us



Creativity turned to chains


This poem is about: 
My family


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