The Boy and His Tree

Born into youth with resilience and ferver

Was a boy so young, and so kind, yet clever

A boy whose bright mind and bright smile last forever

Taken care of by the whole soul of a wise tree


In the boy's youth, he smiled and waved and loved to play

By being himself he could change any bad day

while around the boy, he brought colour to grey

All because of the nurturing of a wise tree


As he slowly grew and soon began to take bloom

He suddenly stopped and looked around and felt gloom

others were already grown and ready to groom

he sat in the shade of the understanding tree


An apple fell and was eaten while full of juice

and suddenly, his small despair was shook loose

so now he was happy and louder than a goose

so the planning began for the relieved, wise tree


But when the boy came back again, oh so glum

he thought of himself as an idiot and dumb

another apple fell pre-prepared,he ate, yum!

so the restless thoughts began for the wise, young tree


So again and again the boy came back as dark

and again and again he sat next to the bark

he ate less and less, "so why for?" the tree remark

"i'm okay" he said, yet it worked hard, that wise tree


to see others be as great as he yet better

he then continued to see himself as lesser

the tree tried to help yet, and still he grew darker

the boy sat in the shade of the concerned, wise tree


The tree tried to help him as best as it had could

the boy listened some, but not as much as he should

the tree gave him leaves to follow, not that he would

"how can I help him grow?" thoughtful was the wise tree


The boy closed his eyes so hard that he gone went blind

he panicked and worried that he had lost his mind

"open your eyes" the tree instructs; gears start to grind

so glad is he to have listened to that wise tree


He realized then what he wanted to go and be

he will do his best and he will do it as me

Happy I am and glad I got to go and see

that this entire time I should've heard the tree


I see now, while I frowned, it was the one who knew

that in this life,so packed and wild, it is a zoo

To grow in this lifetime and do as I will do

To be successful in it, to show that I grew


To thrive in this place you call a "great big zoo"

That is all my promise, my thanks, and gift to you

To do as I might, to do as I will go do

Thank you for seeing, and teaching me, my wise tree.

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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