The Push


                                                         Baby blue

                                                        I put my faith in you

                               Each day we grew closer, my heart felt more at home

                                                        My love, my live

                                             Bloomed for the very first time

   With you

                                              I knew what I wanted to do

                                                 Where I wanted to go

                                             Who I would be happy to be

                                     Everything had been figured out for me

                                                           Baby blue

                                                  I found myself in you

                          Every part of my brain lit up for the first time when we spoke

                        Five months Later Every part of my brain turned off completely

               From the overflow of the tears that caused me to choke

                                         With you I knew

                                 Who my body belonged to

         What my name was

                                      Where I was going

                                    Who I was going to be

                                          It was me and not my mother

                                          It was Julian not Melissa

                                          It was California

                                          And it was me

                                         Thinking it through

                                This has nothing to do with you

I gave myself

A body

A name

An identity

A future

But you gave me the push I needed to see


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