A simple reminder

i never knew how to respond

To the snide comments

The passing remarks

The constant reminder that i was “getting a bit pudgy”

How can you respond when they are coming from your mother?

The woman who is supposed to love you no matter what

What you are

What you look like

What you believe

But i felt these remarks deep in my bones

i felt these remarks when i decided that it was okay to eat only carrots for a week

Because looking in the mirror always made me feel weak

Until one day, everything changed.

My sister one day, stopped and explained.

“She has her own issues, it’s not about you”

i broke down, and she did too

She told me her story, and her everyday struggle.

She made me feel like i was not alone in this fight.

She gently reminded me

That parents are people too,

And although it is never right to project emotions

My mother was simply trying to set her own healing in motion.

So I finally understood the remarks and reminders

And at times, my mother should have been kinder,

But my body image should never depend on her.

My sister changed my life forever, with that simple reminder.


This poem is about: 
My family


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