Learning Through Love

My stomach coils within itself

My heart throbs behind my collar

My throat sticks and sqelches

My joints begin to melt

Your eyes flit across the room to find mine

Your laugh fills my skull

I see your hand resting on the table and

I begin to consider bravery

If I act without thinking

Grab your hand

Actually look you in the eye!

I am sick and festering with this feeling 

I think it's called love?

And I must tell you 

I know that you hold my cure right behind your rosy lips 

Or grasped gently in your palm

Somewhere within you, it lies waiting for me

So I begin to stretch my fingers out

And lift mine eyes to yours

This poem is about: 



I wrote this peom about how "love" is my big mentor in life. It encourages so much bravery, and I really think that opening my heart up to others has allowed me to become a much kinder and happier person. 

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