Girl, Realize

-So why am I not good enough for him

-Why am I not the person he wants me to be

-Why can't I be the person he wants me to be

-Why Why Why

- Is all I keep asking myself when I see him

-Why Why Why

-Am I just not good enough for him

-Why Why Why

-When I first saw you, you looked so handsome, nice smile & your posture was perfect

-I just wanted to get to know you & when i got to know you, I just wanted to be with you forever

-And maybe I was moving a little too fast but I liked you

-As time goes by, you begin to make it clear to me that I’m not the one for you & I kept trying with you because highkey I wanted to be with you

-And why

-Why didn’t you like me the way I wanted you to?

-You just wanted to be a “friend” & you just wanted to screw


-I just kept thinking to myself “maybe it’s my weight or possibly my face, maybe it’s the way i walk or even the way I talk

-I still asked why because it still didn’t make sense to me , because when you’d see me you’d continue to give me compliments on everything

-Continued to think that it was because of me but then reality hit & it wasn’t me it was you.

-You just couldn’t see me for me

-You couldn’t see this perfect smile of mine

-You didn’t appreciate these undenying curves that I offered you

-You refused to receive the effort that i was trying to feed to you


-It was because of you that I felt low about myself. It was because of you that I questioned myself. It was because of you that I didn’t want to see myself with no one else when I knew I deserved better

-And part of it was because of me, because you supposedly “made it clear to me”

-But your clear & my clear wasn’t the same definition

-You see, you treated me as if this would be a long term thing

-And I fell for it, i fell for your actions more than your words & it still fucked me up in the end.


-You helped me more than you know, because now I look at myself in the mirror and realize that I’m more than just a damn good enough

-A beautiful single rose in a garden i am


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