Live to Run, or Vice Versa



Left, right


Left, right


Uphill, down,




Monsters growl and hunt.

My life growls and hunts, ME

Confide in adults! Confide in yourself! Have confidence!

People don’t understand. People confuse your thoughts with your dreams

Or worse, your nightmares.

Running doesn’t care. Running is greater. Running is the impartial glass through which all problems can be assessed.

Running took a boy and made a man through its fire.

No longer am I alone. I now run with my friends: Courage, Self-determination and Tenacity.

I run with pride of what I look like, and where I come from. I run without fear of failure.

Failure sets a new bar for me to beat. These bars give me the will fight further.

No longer am I the boy who grew without friends. No longer am I the boy who cannot speak his mind.

I have Courage who runs tirelessly, leading me to new heights on paths I would have never chosen.

I have Self-determination who never lets me run alone, but rather reminds me that everyone has down days, it is what we do with those days that matters.

I have Tenacity. That stubborn fool. He never knows when to give up. I’d follow him to Hell and back because friends stick with one another. That changed my life.

As I run with my thoughts, the friends of my mind present, I look left, right.

No longer am I alone. I now run with friends: JP, Shane, Grant.

These names mean little to most, but everything to me.

“Friends stick with one another”

Running is my mentor.

Running is my family.

I am not alone.


Left, right


Left, right


Breathe out, breathe in


Push farther




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