To my Greatest Influence

Wed, 10/24/2018 - 10:44 -- KatieK

The rain falls steadily on 

the waxy leaves.

I smile and feel

the drops fall

gently on my face.

The birds are only slightly bothered

by the water;

they twitter with annoyance

and ruffle their feathers,

the water beading off. 


This, the simple


of nature

thrills me to no end.

Silently, I thank the environment.


For the only place I am truly at

peace is in the woods or

in cattails and cane beds or

driving past miles of golden fields.

Lavender fields are bursts of color in a 

green land. 

Brightly colored leaves are beautiful, and

flowers in the spring.

Snow covered trees sparkle and glitter, and

yellow fields of sunflowers smile at the warm sun.


These are the things that make me 

truly happy and 

at peace.

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Our world
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