Grandpa, Tell Me 'Bout The Good Ol' Days

The last time I saw you,you were shriveled up with your hands held tight

You know I thought about you tonight

"never accept a wooden nickel," is all you would say 

"because there is no limit to all you can be tomorrow or today"

You taught me how to ride a bike and how to brush my hair 

When kids would bully me in school you said "you're so much better then them so why do you care"

I cut one of my pigtails off when I was only 4

You ran into the bathroom saying you would take the blame and proceeded to shut the door

When I entered into middle school, I told you I didn't need a ride

But after school you showed up, honking loudly outside 

My friends all laughed and yelled my name 

While I told you I felt so ashamed 

High school came and you were diagnosed with Alzheimer's and Dementia and it tore me apart

You still came to all my volleyball games which mended a part of my heart 

Your sicknesses excelled fast and you didn't make it to my graduation because you were so weak

I was suppose to make a speech up,but without you there I felt like I couldn't speak

3 years past and you were hospice bound, but didn't really know

You were at your worst yet, but I couldn't let you go

September 22, we all came down to see you

I played our favorite songs together and thanked you for all you do 

that night you gave your last breathe and I felt like I couldn't breathe 

You were my father figure and my world and I wasn't ready for you to leave

But you were tired and it was your time to go

and I understand that now and know. 

I just never want you to forget how thankful I am to have went through life with you

You were my strength, my weakness, my laughter, and the only one that stayed so true.



This poem is about: 
My family


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