thank you mom

quiet quiet quiet

why isn't your mind quiet

why does it race

and spin


you are


you are


but she is there and she

holds your hand and says

it is fine

you are angry?

you are sad.

but she is there and she 

strokes your hair and says

you are strong

she tells you to be kind.

so you are kind.

she wants you to be smart.

so you are smart.

she pushes you and is it too much?

no. she knows you need to be pushed. 

she doesn't let you drown, doesn't let you slip but

she lets you make mistakes.

lets you learn from them.

helps you only make a mistake once.

loud LOUD loud.

why is your mind so loud?

why is life so hard?

but it isn't so hard.

because she is there and she makes it easier.

even when she drives you



she stands by you and you are stronger.

your mind is loud

but she is good

at shutting things up.

This poem is about: 
My family


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