My Polaris

How’s one to recognize any vicissitudes lest they paid attention. You paid attention.You paid beyond just attention,You paid it with love.Even though we fought from time to time and-That’s okay, We’re sisters anyway.Does it traverse your infinite mind,That I look up to you?A beautiful shining star in my sky.You’re my Polaris,And I’m the sailor.You guide me.And I follow.Now you’re leaving, Going off into the distance,Leaving me alone with the knowledge I’ve obtained. I’m going insane,As you slowly dim.And I’m losing my waySo I scream at youIn my melancholy tonesI utter“Go away, I didn’t need you anyway,”I don’t intend to be like thatMy star.I need you to come back,Not go away.But I’m trying to act casual As your boxes litter my mind,My room.And I try to imagine you not thereAnd I break down in tearsBecauseYou’re leaving this Saturday And I don’t want you to go awaySo please,Even though it’s not what I sayShine just a little for meUntil I know that empty spot in my sky isWhere you were.Leading me.  

This poem is about: 
My family


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