Finally Breathing

In life, there are those who

Lead you to your destiny

But there are also those who

Are nothing but your enemy.


The truth is, we cannot process feelings of gratitude

Without having these moments of torment.


I cannot write about my hero

Without first addressing my perosnal devil.


I could pick my high school teachers

Out of a lineup.

I may even be able to put

A couple of names to their faces.


But I will never forget the man who buried me

Deeper and deeper into the ground each day.


Our enemies find our weaknesses

And capitalize on them to destroy us.

The devil didn't drain my spirit

He diluted it with injections of spite

And hatred.

And I overdosed on anxiety.


And I lived in fear.



I was buried 

6 feet deep.


Then I saw a shovel.


The contrast of light and dark

Could not be more obvious.

Being able to breathe

Was a feeling so relieving.

My drug switched from hatred

To oxygen.

And I could finally breathe.


My hero saved me when I

Thought I was dead.

She led me down the path

I deserved.


Dr. Kate saved my life.

Gave me faith to keep moving.

To breathe.


My hero saved me

When the devil was drowning me. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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