O Captain, My Captain (JROTC)

O Captain! My Captain!

Something so simple 

O Captain! My Captain! 

A class in school 

O Captain! My Captain!

4 years in and im still learning more

O Captain! My Captain! 

Year 1 I thought you were a bore 

Year 2 I began to adore 

Year 3 it all started showing 

Year 4 my love kept growing

O Captain! My Captain! 

A Freshman in highschool with an attitude to prove 

Now A Senior in highschool with an attitude to improve

O Captain! My Captain! 

Leadership and excellence

O Captain! My Captain!

Standing tall and looking good

Fingertip to my eyebrow, I salute thee

O Captain! My Captain! 

I thank you for guiding me

I thank you for setting goals in my life

O Captain! My Captain! 

I will never forget 

The skills i have learned 

O Captain! My Captain! 

Always show up 10 minutes before the given time

Shine your shoes

Straighten your ribbons

Keep your head up high

O Captain! My Captain

You have formed my charicter

O Captain! My Captain!

Though i will turn in my uniform for a cap and gown soon,

you will always be a part of me   

O Captain! My Captain! 

I will use the skills i have learned in my every day life.

I will always set my self different than the crowd.

People will always wonder,

Whats so different about me...

Its the desire to lead

O Captain! My Captain!

Thank you for making me, me.  




This poem is about: 



This topic is very special to me. I have been in ARMY JROTC for all 4 years of highschool and sadly it is ending soon because of graduation. 

I believe JROTC has formed who i am today by teaching me all the leadership skills I need to succeed in life.

Time-management skills, Respect, Duty, Selfless-Service,  are all just some of the many things ive gained from this. 

I recommend it to anyone who is going into highschool or college. 

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