Dear Dad,

Only one of my mentors has impacted me in such a way.

You helped mom give me life, but now I need to pay?

I was only five at the time,

but you believed hurting us was fine.

At the age of eight,

every visit you had, all you did was make us wait.

Then I was fourteen, and we moved,

we all hoped this would help you improve.

Age fifteen, you tried to end your life,

I may have acted fine, but it stabbed me like a knife.

Age sixteen, my anxiety had reached the point I needed therapy,

and all I wished, was for you to be there for me.

You crave control and power,

because of all this, my love for you has gone sour.

Although you are the first person to break my heart,

this has never made me fall apart.

Mom has raised me to be wise and strong,

as you are too busy with your bong.

You have shown me who I do not want to be,

since the divorce, we have all been free.

This poem is about: 
My family