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I'm sitting on the tongue of a wild beast-- The red rasp stained like concrete when children scape their knees. I can't fall. I know I can't fall again, because I'm terrified to see the bones underneath--
Oh little girl can’t you hear?i’m calling out your nameOh little girl what’s your fear?for you are not to blame. 
NEVER HALT DREAMING Your ambition is your Way up to attainin' higher level. Walk through tha Path of light and sight brightly.
The Dreamer I can't give up still I keep my head up. Living my life in dream what can I do? Trying to survive in this tough game.
No past failure ever stops you from Moving on again. Today try improving your skills in order to enhance your chances of Winning, life ends when we halt dreaming.
Isn't it so funny how we all sit there and create these different scenarios in our heads,  But most of the time they are negative ones, and they are things that we dread.
Quesy is the smell of something untasted to most. A certain flavor savored to all. Amidst the season of distaste to none. Unappetizing the palette of permanence. Mouthwatering the tasteless. Sweet dishes,
Inside where the fire rages, a blasting inferno of a furnace, I hold desperately onto clumps of coal and gasoline— trying to gather all the fuel I can that will blaze way to my future.  
It took me 17 years  and a miserable day where I was told I was useless to learn that  We've been taught happiness is success
When the rain falls on to the asphalt And petrichor smells erupt, I'll remember the cloudy days spent in my room, My mind full of inspirations and ambition To create a beautiful painting.
In my dreams I am an eagle- I soar through the sky My wing’s edges catch the cloud’s edges Water collects on my feathers And the world stares up
Who doesn't want a storybook life? Just write it all in and cut out the strife Who said that you can't write your own story Like a Disney hero you can rise to glory No such thing as fate no such thing as a curse
Sai My Name ______________   As i lay in the dark only one thing seems to spark  My dreams , My legacy  What will it remain? 
I will here plant a seed and feel the compost of forgotten years, and breathe the warm air of this, the present.  And wait in the world to see
Dreaming is easy. Attainable in the mind. It's terrifying to wonder if those dreams will remain thoughts. Swimming in my head are the insecurities I fought everyday. 
After a long and taxing battleIt all comes to a end Decided by one final tug
After a long and taxing battleIt all comes to a end Decided by one final tug
A comfort zone prevents transition No alteration being made to an ambition Locked up in a desolated cell While months turn into years  
I am stuck living in a world where they try to ground us when we say we dream of flying away.
  It's easier to breathe when you fall into the revelation of explaining why manipulation consumed you. Because every time we converse, it ends up being a soliloquy. Swallowing empty promises was all I had with you.
The cieling fan runs quietly, The hound snores at the screen door. I sit and I chat over coffee With a guy who can be so much more. I enjoy these afternoon conversations.
To my ambition, To my dreams.   At first, you popped into my mind Like a grape from a vine, Whilst I watched Youtube videos of
I wish , I could be , With no one but me, Enjoying my company, Besides the rough sea. I rest by the shore, Below the palm shade, Mesmerized by the blue marvel, A beauty that ever would fade.
Hungry am I For something to fuel my soul. A longing for a passion. What was once a raging fire Is now a flickering flame. It is not enough,
Ambition a constant hunger I advise you - Beware the quiet genius Cunning, unnervingly discerning Don’t underestimate me You see me sit in silence
There is no path to gloryIt is an emerald seaThat movesViciously in every way imaginable. Only the calm stay afloat and awaken to another day.
Once upon a time, The fish that used to be a prince Wallowed in his watery prison Cursing his incompetence.
Pardon me But the ambition flows Deep within my veins Into my heart and spirit Oh yes, the ambition flows Try going on Ramen and bologna sandwiches Penny scrounging for bread and milk
It was told that a leader of many Would not see the morning moon. That the giver of plenty, Would die too soon.   Today, he decides to live alongside The Light’s curse.
Gold-- Everything else has ceased to matter, To exist In his eyes. The damned metal has taken control Of everything in sight: Of our once beautiful home, Of my body, Of his mind.  
We mere mortals, Are but temporal beings. Drowned by the wine of luxuries That life has to offer. That being said, still suffices not (Countless, numerous sins ongoing Creating, still dreaming
Land of the free and home of the brave. We take the world's pitiful and their worst. Freedom and happiness is all that we crave, The poor, however, are forever cursed.  
Sofie Levy 27 April 2017   Assignments that seem like few papers to some Are mountainous to me.  I attempt to focus,
Looking back at the year prior Makes the road ahead seem daunting. Taking apart the person I was, The closest I can describe is passion. A rekindling of a dying and tired flame, thus,
My dad told me this was a waste of my time. I plant the tripod and plug in the mic. I’m still offended, but in the video I look fine. Post the results, hankering for a like.
Six thirty— Alarm rings; I text my boyfriend I love him, And go back to bed.   Six forty five— Alarm rings again; And I get out of bed.   Thus begins every school day,
From the rose that arose from the cracks Like Pac said To the sky and the stars or even beyond it Poetry is wisdom and its my own outlet Dark days, new age its my enlightenment..
The Sweetness of Summer is a distinct flavor.
A friendship so beautiful, The world's eyes are forever searching, But fail to find, rendered sightless by greed. The hatred tries to bleed into, incompetent.   A home broken like an ocean floor of glass,
I see the light in your eyes, The allure in their brightness, Every time you speak of your dreams, And all you want to achieve.   I feel the effect of my lack of ambition on your life. You want to fly,
puddles reflect many wonders they tales tales that make one ponder but beware for they reflect the present wonders Only oneself can create future wonders Oh puddles you make me ponder
Activist, Conservationist, Environmentalist Veterinarian, Psychologist, Ethologist Poet, Writer, Singer Baker, Designer, Entrepreneur Mother, Daughter, Friend
I smiled as they said I wouldn’t amount to anything, Anything was possible and I knew it deep in my heart, Heart and mind both unified in achieving my dreams, Dreams I thought of during the day and the night.  
Flames burned through the night They wouldn’t be put down without a fight. Determination etched off each spark Lighting up every inch of the dark.
Witches push Macbeth   Leading to king duncan's death        Ambition guided his hand   He became the king of the land         Evil grasped the king
Ambition, my drive   My mission is ride all of these waves until the day that I survive, with my mind, body, and soul.
Unwavering Ambition - By: Jordan Stubblefield
It kills my fear. It tells me what I need to hear. Ambition makes me tired and ill, but I cant decide if having it is worth the effort still.   Of course it is because without it I, I mean we, are nothing.
Empty thoughts have no sense of fulfillment My aspirations, desires, and concerns Fill in the empty spaces that cause me To provoke, ponder, and practice Every aspect of life Every aspect of humanity
Who would I be Without ambition Without hope Without dreams Without goals Would I matter Could I live with not mattering
For every time in my life That I have been Knocked down  Called out Rejected Made fun of  Hurt  Hurt  Hurt I’d feel the burn of my ego And the sting of my flesh 
Dare I ask what tomorrow brings Another day of temptation to reach my hope Yet I am prepared, even if it stings  
Pass me an orange a slice of the East, Imperialism? not in the least.   Pass me an apple rooted in the West,
                  Questions Are The Answers                                                                         By: Wardah Elghazali   Who am i? Am I the person you wish to be?
Many people may question, what the heck is a dream Is it a figment of my imagination my brain continues to stream Is it a goal in my future that I can clearly see in sight
I’m always asked to describe myself in three words
Self express
"Earth to Alex!" every day. every morning in AP Gov, "Ground control to Major Tom..."  Head in the clouds  with an I've-gotta-get-out-of-here attitude. High Standards. Big Dreams.  
I have flawless ambition. I want more than I know how to approach As a result I never fall short of achieving at least something
I want to be remembered   I am aspirannt , determined and driven. I am a young lady with goals and a dream.
Cry your final tears now,don't hold it in For tomorrow holds another chance to live again Keep your head held high in confidence and pride Just let go, relax, enjoy the ride Things will pan out in the end
Born in the Flame of the controversial state. They try to burn my fate with bias hate.
I am Flawless, Just open up your ears, I am Flawless without photoshop Now wait, this will make your jaw drop, You look inside the shiny magazines at the glamorous models there
My hair, long and brown My face, straight and concentrated My body, short and ordinary None of it matters I can get through Whatever life throws at me My strength My desire My dedication
Please scorn not the poet For the rhymes too slanted, For syllables miscounted, For content hard to read.   Did our history keep Shakespeare’s first love sonnet? Virgil’s practice poems?
Who am I? You should know who I am. Standing tall, with my head up above. Looking beyond the present in hopes to build a future so strong no one could even grasp the concept of going backwards.
I am alone, and the journey’s long, can’t figure out what’s right, what’s wrong. Messed-up, cluttered my thoughts, they race across my mind. The road is rough, the path  not tread,
I plan to attend college to expand the brilliant plan I began.
The controlling controller roams in  her controlling world, thinkinking highly of the crazy cool adventurous odesseys  she embarks on.   Her blanket is her cape to escape 
I'm Flawless Not because my skin is clear or my body is perfect  Cause I'm Far from both ..  But  because I love.. I love hard ..  I'm flawless cause my loyalty runs deep 
I am the girl that wears a lot of make up, which hides who I really am. Eye shadow, eye liner and foundation, I wear it all. The make up disguises who I really am;
What is beauty? Everyone has different opinions about beauty. But what is beauty? Beauty can be big, Beauty can be little. Beauty can be light, Beauty can be dark.
Broke a vase and crashed a car, Told my Daddy I wasn't going far. I choked on stage Tripped and fell I am definitly not hollywood, Oh damn well. Got a drink dumped on my face 
#Hi. I'm trying to act like I'm invisible because I know that you can see that I'm not #perfect. But I know that if you could see the real me that is not my blotchy skin or curvy frame, you would be #shocked.
Look at me What do you see? Young, black, short, mean Somewhere in between?    I look in the mirror You know what I see? A queen Staring back at me   Not the tallest
Flawless Anyway
I'm not the best of sons, and it's hard to miss my family when everyday they're part of war. I live with scars that just won't seem to end,  but you know what?  They're my medals and best friend. 
I wake up looking in the mirror Brush my teeth My horrid breath no longer existing I change into an extravagant outfit No longer feeling insecure I put on a mask of powder and liquid Feeling perfect
i write and i write but how can i describe the feelings that i have yet to experience with words i can't even begin to know the meaning of?
I don't wake up perfect and my teeth aren't white but if there's one thing I'm proud of
I never was the girl who had it all Hell, I was the one who had nothing at all. But here I am, I stand before you proud and tall. No money nor connections, just sheer ambition
I can rhyme words without a rhythmbut as soon as I try, I lose the feeling.So I’ve learned to let them flow,let ‘em rolloff my tongue - or in this case my pen -
Sitting at a desk Trying to stay in context Before the big test
Zeal for Success  
Easy nor Quick. Never Once must I Falter, During The Challange To Obtain Occupational Perfection. The Road Ahead, Found to be Rocky, Yet I must Persevere To Obtain
She cannot stop, she cannot quit, but sometimes she wishes life would just get on with it. She tries to stay positive, keep a smile on her face, but it’s hard when she has to keep running this race.
When you wake up what do you see? Do you see the world as a cruel unusual placeOr do you see that you were blessed with dreams to achieve everyday. 
Imagination is what keeps me inspired My brain is like a vacuum Drawing in the dreams The fantasies I create It keeps me writing Reading Performing Designing
If we would take time to comphrend the master plan of the man above. In the days of Noah put mankind survival in the beak of a dove. But then we ask, what is love? Or what it has to do with us.
Long ago, the fire was dwindling With a roar, it kindled and manifested might That devastating roar was realization; I wasn’t truly alive   This is the element of my sign:
Sometimes it takes shedding a tear to feel like your empty of a moment's despair. Were clear is as near as a windshield wipe upon a smear of fear.
I started from nothing. 
Every star in the sky Is a different city Rooftop missions Summer ambitions Different paths  Dances before us Glazing eyes  Filled with wonder Hope
Life once created a soul with mighty dreams and hopes Yet it only took a man to destroy it
No man shall choose another’s destiny Gods among earth we are not My work will drive me as far as I let it For this is where ambition and wishing will split Humble actions influence outgoing impacts
The days of my youth are so hard, but in a way kind.I can do anything I set my mind To. WIthout Knowing this, I would be blind.I will do whatever it takes to succeed.IT IS IN ME, I have everything I need. 
I want to be a star, a movie star. The main attraction of my film.
My life would change in a flash Simple as someone turning on a monitor Then the CPU Waiting for it to boot up Going into the archives Then, finally Adding a new profile
As a child we grow up knowing exactly what we want to be when we actully grow up   A fire fighter is what I wanted to be The red lights and water is what excited me     But the tragedy of 9/11 also frighten me
I play the guitar hoping to get far. Not just to get by , but enough defy. All who resent me , with a youthful burst of energy. They tell me I must become an engineer. The pay is good , and getting famous is rare.
Philosophies Drift amuck in a waterless world Catching on to anything Within hand’s grasp   We strive to find purpose To stake our land To hold our place To say “we were here”  
My yellow brick road is outlined
I want to go into business and economyMake some money and change the way people thought of meI'm tired of people thinking I can't do it like I'm just an act of comedy
The natural foliage creeping down the counter, Draping over the polished tanned walls. Reflecting ergonomic finesse, Cleanly tracing the muscular lining, Of a fresh carcass.  
Once you turn your face heavenwards; To engage in daily conversation that is, to return to Earth, merits a physical un-tilting of the head; from the angled to the staid, erect position, eyes intently glazed over.
Mahmoud A true story   My mother and I stood in the Afghan refugee camp Solemnly and nervous, I stared as they stared back "This is where I came from," she said to me
We all have a goal in life, Become a ballerina, baseball player, or be in the circus. My dream is to become a National Geographic photographer.
I want to touch the soul, with words that sounds like gold. I want to hold the world's feelings in the words of my notes. I want to behold the power to have my written word uncontrolled.
 I’m lost. I know that much.
I've got six sources of dreaming, clear The words all tumble bright, and fear Is choking cloaking, smogging roping Round my throat and twixt my ears. What am I doing here? I'm learning phonetics,
“All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts” - William Shakespeare
Nirvanna is what I seek; the Paradise thought lost, the Great Hall   Let me dig, let me cram crawling through flickering passages Hollowed tombs rich with an era Tongue tied tumbling over guttural grunts
In a new studio
Walking down the street I see them Picking up the trash off the street  Without them I wouldn't have somewhere to walk Without them, my life would change   Walking into school I see them
The type of job which would change my life is becoming a famous author. The way becoming a famous singer would change my life is everything I did the public would know about. I wouldn't really have a free moment to myself.
All my life, it's been You point the way, I'll get us there. I'll struggle through, and reach the goal. I can overcome any obstacle, but don't know where to start. Today, I take the wheel.
I am a flower in the desert, holding out for the rain. The sun has been hot and taunting, mocking my goals and my name.
This war Is about blood, tears, and death This war Sees a little child heave a last breath But there are no guns, no bombs No battlefields that we can see For the war rages forever on
  “Miss, may I show you to your suite”
  One Journey, one road, one story? No. Exploring, doing more, and expressing my inner joy is my future job.
Sharing the knowledge of my obtained wisdom With young minds, eager to learn and flourish Is the most noble of desires that can be had
One chance to make that one choice. This is the choice that defines defines you, defines your life.   Well I made my choice and I choose animals. Now, I just need my chance
Achieve Four small siblings
They say that hatred is a fireThat eats at your insidesAnd it isAlong with jealousy and ambitionAt times it seems I carry all of theseBut I've learned to push down my angerTo be content with what I have
They say pick a route. They say choose a dream. Well, I'm not backing out So I'll let my thoughts become a live stream.   My dream job is obscure Pharmacy isn't thought of in my small town,
There once was a bird who wanted to fly. She wanted so badly to sore the sky. But she had a few bent feathers. They said theyw ill stay that way forever. Sometimes all she wanted to do was cry.
  Respected and Loved             A friend             A companion till the end             Hold my hand, count to ten             Thick and thin here we go
I watch the present smear past the wi
Nobody can do it like you Working hard everyday To make your dreams come true I wanna be in that "Miss Independent" Life Just so I can say "Mama I made it and all the fake people hated"
Wait... Stop... Please? I beg you to reconsider You're beginning to fade away Already one foot in your grave   This life will get you Pit you in the middle between lions and bears
Since being a young boy in the hood My life has never been good Gunshots at night and standing under streetlights I told my self I shall rise If I put in hard work there should be a prize
Since being a young boy in the hood My life has never been good Gunshots at night and standing under streets lights I told my self I shall rise If i put in hard work there should be a prize
I don't know what I am doing,
Take ones adversity,
  Be impatient. Feel like now is the time to change shit, Not rearrange it Or reframe it. Take it all down and make another, One for your sister, One for your brother.
I didn't do my homework. I hope we'll make amends. Last night I didn't study, I went out with my friends.   I stayed up late last night, So can I skip the test? You know that science project?
Count me among the ranks,A vehicle of stellar achievement,aimed and poised at a target all my own,I will join the many who've gone before,and light an arc upon the sky,to help guide those who come after,
Again, I begin, to feel like I'm going through life in no particular direction, to feel like instead of being one in million, that I'm one in the millions, I don't feel like an individual,
I'm finally here Right where I want to be It seems as if it has taken forever For me to see so clear But here I am A college student Making her way through classrooms and side walks
A girl is someone who  respects her ambitions  And works towards it A girl is someone who does what she is suppose to do A girl is someone who is responsible And does things according to how it should be done
  The strive you have to have to do your dreams , While the dollar bill appears and disappears in your wallet, The scheme, yeah they get you , Raise you up then they forget you or have you forgot yourself?
It starts as a sapling; young and naive. No critcisms; No obstacles can stop its growth. Seasons pass yet it still grows. In Winter, it is of age at which ambition and intellect grow.
Round of applause Picture me everyday on your tv screenHard to believe but it's possibleAm I living in the land of opportunity?Not reallyI am the hope of the pain stricken slave. 
Writing a poem is a grand expression Of the man I am and the one I want myself to be Words become lines, lines become poems, interconnected like brush strokes in a painting or the individual notes of a favorite song These words that capture my hea
I look around me, and what I see are giants, towering, mastering, so alive. They build and create monuments--no room for me-- While I am merely an ant, no matter how I strive.  
Keep going, keep pushing; but in what direction? Everyone out here is trying to teach a lesson You can't teach those who have already been taught what you're trying to teach
Why build borders, When you can build dreams. Why break down dreams, When you can break down borders. My journey was of a thousand miles And my heart kept going like an engine.
I write to be Ambitious I write because I'm Notorious and When I'm feeling Glorious I write to Educate and To Lead with my Intelligence I write because I'm Caring I write to get through Anxiety
“Empacó un par de camisas, un sombrero Su vocación de aventurero, seis consejos, siete fotos Mil recuerdos”
Ambition is the desire to achieve It is the will to succeed It means more success riches fame or fortune But too much and there could be a malfunction
Some have an ambition to be a doctor Some have an ambition to be a pilot Some scuba divers, some athletes There is a broad range of different ambitions With people preaparing for ambitions from a young age
The dreamer in me can't stay still The visions of the future give me chills Languages I learn: Vietnamese and French But my satisfaction isn't quenched I want to travel
I am searching for my place in this world of open space. Through the barriers and walls it is hard to see our calls. No funding for tution but a degree is needed with ambition to break down that block
The mind truly sets the human free, appreciate everything you got experiences and life, change perception, the way you see things, Chase, capture and conquer the meaning of your reality,
The south wind blows and I will miss you Who will you miss, though? Have you anybody to know, grow, set seeds and sow? We fall, fall, fall to the blue, into the blue And then...
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