Say My Name

Sai My Name ______________


As i lay in the dark only one thing seems to spark 

My dreams , My legacy 

What will it remain? 

Money you can't take with you 

Only the name . 

I have to be remembered 

Something has to be left behind 

Besides my remembrance and good vibes 


Sai My name _____________


Let it mean something 

More than a dollar bill

It has to ring about change and the dynamic I strive for 

Let it represent hunger in which Id die for

I can leave behind riches that can be bought or trade 

But they can't buy my name

 and leave out My song ? 

My story ?

My American dream ?

Some brag to mention 

That the dollar bill is the goal 

And it isn't the Fame .?

What good is it to gain riches and loose your soul ? 

You have lied to yourself 

My brother 

you forgot to listen 

Notice every dollar bill 

Has a face , has a name when u spend it 


Sai my name , an while ur at it 

Pay attention ! 

U can lavish with jewels 

Try an Protect yourself with it 

If u hard body in the streets 

It's the name they speak of ...

What you've done 

What you represent 

"You know such an such" .. ? 

See Money can be robbed , money can be tooken 

But Thieves will puncture 

And rethink at the thought or a mention 

" Ohhh My bad dawg, I ain know" ...

Ohh naw you knew ..


Sai my name ______________


you have to think things thru 

The cheddar is more than right 

Don't get it misconstrued 

But it's the power

The worth of your name 

when it's a new dimension 


Sai my name _______________


Build a house hold name 

Something folk can remember ...

Bc in the end ..,

it's not that dollar bill

It's your government .

That's your shield .

...  The fame ! 

Now , lets all bow when we prey

Sai my name ! 


This poem is about: 
Our world


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